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First pictures of the Audi A7 Sportback leak out ahead of the car's official launch

The first pictures of the Audi A7 Sportback have leaked onto the internet.

The A7 will be officially launched later today, but four pictures showing both the car’s interior and exterior have appeared on several American websites.

The pictures reveal much of the Audi Sportback concept’s styling has been carried over to the production A7 and its interior owes more to the A8 than the A6, the two models it sits between.

Reports alongside the pictures claim V6 petrol and diesel engines will be available in Europe from launch. It is also claimed the A7 will be available as a four-seater only.


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pdmc 29 July 2010

Re: Audi A7 leaks out

Loving the new Audi 'Specialist Division' 7.

geed 27 July 2010

Re: Audi A7 leaks out

dutchmaestro wrote:
little-known fact: VW produces more cars in China than are made in UK in total.

wowee... amazing.... jolly... gosh!!!

dutchmaestro wrote:
you can knock the Germans but it looks like you haven't a prayer of beating them.

oh, I didn't realise that I was on a one man "beat das Germans" mission.....why would I want to do that? ahhhh silly little boy you think I am English and want to pick a fight.

Your quite odd, I don't know what your agenda is and I am not sure your attitude adds to these forums.

I don't like current Audi's or the latest crop of "same again" German cars. I quite like Bratwurst and Bavaria as a whole as it happens but I think this may be lost to one so cerebrally challenged.

24JTD 26 July 2010

Re: Audi A7 leaks out

Straight Six Man wrote:
What, the last-gen one, or the disappearingly-dull first one, or the facelift Mk1? I can't think of any Primera that looked like this...

The last one (circa 2005 iirc). Obviously the rest of it's a bit blobby (the Nissan) but the way it kicks up awkwardly at the back struck a chord.