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Alfa Romeo will work hard to get customers to experience the new Giulia for themselves after its September launch
Jim Holder
2 mins read
9 March 2016

The Alfa Romeo Giulia launch this autumn will be backed up by a series of new initiatives to boost dealer service, according to Fabrizio Curci, the head of Alfa Romeo.

The Giulia, a BMW 3 Series rival, is critical to Alfa’s £3bn investment plan to sell 400,000 cars a year, a six-fold increase on last year’s levels, but Curci says that the initiative will only work if the car is backed by good dealer support.

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“We are putting a heavy reliance on the sales processes and aftersales,” said Curci. “The sales process will be different, from how the car is explained, to how we get buyers in the dealerships to touch and drive it. Once they are there, they will experience first -class service, from the way they are dealt with through to free valets for (range-topping) Giulia Quadrifoglio customers.”

Curci added that he viewed it as critical to get buyers into showrooms, as the key selling point of the Giulia is how it drives. “Others in this segment claim to offer the best driving experience, but we offer something new, something more exciting in my view,” he said. “If you like driving, you will like this car. The technology that supports that experience is unsurpassed, from the electronic braking system to the steering response to the different driving settings.

“I am not being arrogant and saying our car is better, but I am saying that we have done a different job to what is already out there.”

In Geneva, Alfa revealed the standard versions of the Giulia, which will sit below the previously revealed high-performance V6-powered Quadrifoglio model. These will be powered by a 197bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol or a choice of two 2.2-litre diesels, with 178bhp and 148bhp.

All models will be rear-wheel drive as standard, but all-wheel drive will be available on some models. Prices are expected to start at £26,000.


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9 March 2016
If you have ever tried to buy, test or service an Alfa you will know how woefully inadequate their dealers, staff and processes are. Anyone who has had a premium dealership experience will be shocked walking into an Alfa/Fiat showroom and finding out how they are treated. Without some new people and probably some new dealers in the UK this car is doomed to fail regardless of how good it is.

9 March 2016
Alfa-loving trolls have had a go at me before when I've called into question the viability of FCA and their consistently preposterous sales targets. 6-fold increase in sales from where they are ? I presume this is not from Alfa alone ? If it is, it'll never happen and I'm being generous with my time-scale. Note that Alfa isn't saying when this 6-fold increase is to occur, hence the wishful-thinking aspect of this comment so befitting of all the previous bunkum they've come out with. They won't get there in 20 years. They only way Alfa will ever remotely challenge Jag, not alone the Big German Three, is to be taken over by a larger group that really 'gets' the concept that selling cars is a continuum that starts at the drawing board and continues through to excellent post-sales service from a grown-up dealer network.

9 March 2016
I agree entirely Bertoni. And who wants to be loss-making Jaguar who won't make any money for JLR for some time to come with an unsustainable model line up. Alfa loyalists must have hope that VW would abandon SEAT and take Alfa on board as its sport alternative to VW but alas Fiat/FCA think it can go it alone. I have been an Alfa owner and like the idea of the brand but everything about it currently means I have and will continue to have a BMW in my drive

9 March 2016 WELL as their cars...?!

10 March 2016
By the way, when is Giulia planned to be launched (again)? they were supposed to do it in 2015, then early 2016, then spring, now I read autumn... and they are (still?!) designing the pre market and after market strategy... right on time guys! Just a suggestion for the AR management... since you are aiming sky high... autumn forecast is a little unstable.. I trully believe the weather will be more suitable in 2017 for launch... think about it!!!

10 March 2016
Free valet only for some customers depending on which version you've bought? So no £10 jolly for customers who've shelled out +£25K plus extras (& who might have brought the car in for, ahem, issues that will be covered under the warranty.) Customer service 1.0.

11 March 2016
And free servicing. Or a competitive servicing deal at the very least.

15 March 2016
what Alfa is aiming for. Makes sense to boost sales. Too bad that the Giulia has to carry the new flag practically on its own. Giulietta and Mito were never able to set the standard. The 4C disappoints from the day it became available. The new Giulia will look deja vu the moment it finally reaches the showroom.

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