Shots released by Alfa show its new 4C sports car being built

Alfa Romeo has released a series of photographs showing the manufacturing process behind its new  4C sports car.

The car, which is being built at Maserati's Modena plant in dedicated workshops, is shown going through every stage of its construction - from the first components going together to the final assembly of the bodywork.

Alfa Romeo says that within its production process it has combined the best technical and manufacturing expertise of both the Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands to build the 4C.

As already revealed, the Launch Edition model of the 4C will cost £52,000. It adds carbonfibre trim, white or red paint, bespoke badging and other extras over the standard car.

Only 400 of the Launch Edition model will be made available across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, while a further 600 will be supplied to America and the rest of the world.

Pricing for the standard 4C has not been revealed, but is expected to be less than £50,000.

Our Verdict

Alfa Romeo 4C
Alfa 4C is built to encapsulate all of the Alfa Romeo brand values

The 4C is Alfa's first true driver's car for decades, and it shows how brilliantly a small turbo four can go and sound in a lightweight package

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13 June 2013

The 4C looks kinda cute, doesn't it, sort of Exige/Cayman-size? Umm...

Anyone else twigged that this thing is actually two metres wide? Yep, two metres!

Ergo, it's wider than an MP4-12C (1.91m) and a 458 (1.93m) - and the current Range Rover (1.98m).

Not ideal for hustling along a typical UK B-road, then.

13 June 2013

I have owned and loved Alfas so I am trying to like the looks of this car but I still find it a bit cartoonish and not the best example of how to incorporate the shield into the front end of an Alfa.  But it's the drive that counts.

13 June 2013

an Alfa 4C in Africa?  Is there really a market there for sports cars? I can't see the Arabs buying a 4 cylinder engine either.  For me,  I love the combination of exotic materials in a stunning shape,  light weight with an efficient engine.  Might just be able to swing it with the wife as a second car.  Low insurance and general running costs sounds like a winner to me.  I just wish they had made the dash board a little more modern.  Looks like it comes from a Mito.  The exterior lights I may be able to live with if the car comes in black.  It will be interesting to see how good that heavy gearbox will be.  I suspect it will let the car down unless its based on a ferrari doubleclutch system.


13 June 2013

nick644uk66 wrote:

Low insurance and general running costs sounds like a winner to me.  

I'm not sure about the low insurance, and this is something that I'm looking forward to finding out about this car.  As it has an expensive carbon tub it's not going to be easy to repair after an accident, and certainly won't be a cheap job.  The exotic build could push the insurance right up.

13 June 2013

Depends on the tub's design. If it's possible to remove/replace damaged sections or corners, then insurance won't be too high.

But if it means the whole tub needs replacing if a corner gets dinked - a la Rowan Atkinson's recent McL F1 repair bill - then insurance will be scarily high.

13 June 2013

@ nick644uk66, Alfa Romeo Morroco, South Africa, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius. I look forward to the prices of a Alfa 4C, in ten years time. Porsche Boxsters, now available from under £5k.


14 June 2013

I suppose this is to dispel myths of alfaitus quality issues!  Still i look forward to the day that alfa can get a near flawless review across the industry with a car.  Not too sure whether this will be it.  

14 June 2013

at first the price was an hair raiser but now, judging by the amount of carbon fiber, it should be worth it. with its light weight and small engine, i suspect, for the performance, it would return good fuel consumption. double clutch? i prefer the concept cars head lights, production car version looks like a rash

15 June 2013

I think it looks very elegant and will be great fun to drive. That said, you better check there is nothing around the corner if it really is 2M wide...

15 June 2013

nice to see at least some of the work is still done by humans.

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