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Economic climate not good enough to justify a V8, says Alfa

Alfa Romeo has denied rumours from within the company that it is developing a V8 for use in its next generation of saloons, saying that in today's poor economic climate it would not make commercial sense.

"No front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive Alfa Romeo will use a engine larger than a V6," said a senior Alfa source today.

Fiat does, however, have access to Chrysler's forthcoming 3.6-litre Pentastar V6, which it could equip with its new Multiair valve train to improve efficiency. Chrysler's powertrain division is now being run by Fiat's product engineering boss Paolo Ferrero.

The Multiair technology could also be fitted to V8 Maseratis, offering improved performance for less fuel consumption.

At the beginning of this decade, Fiat's Powertrain engineers worked on a V8 in collaboration with General Motors, designed to fit the Premium platform that underpins the Alfa 159 and Saab 9-5. It never progressed beyond a prototype stage.

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Rover P6 3500S 22 January 2010

Re: Alfa denies V8 engine plans

Here's a great idea - take two of the 1.4l MultiAir engines and nail them together around a common crank-case into a 2.8litre V8, producing masses of power (and, in turbocharged form, masses of torque) while also producing decent economy. Also, as it would share most of its parts with the 1.4, it wouldn't even be too costly to produce. Hey, I know it's probably being rather simplistic, but a man can only dream...

Eurocar 15 October 2009

Re: Alfa denies V8 engine plans

Exactly what I wrote on Eurocarblog:

The denial relates only to front and all-wheel drive. I would have thought Fiat would invest more in continuing to develop its Multiair technology rather than completely new engines, but if they can marry the two, who knows what they might come up with.

4rephill 15 October 2009

Re: Alfa denies V8 engine plans

March1 wrote:
March1 wrote the following post at Oct 15, 2009 8:41 AM:

beachland2 wrote:
Which is more economic a 3.6 V6 or a 2.8 V8?

About equal I would guess, but the V8 will have far less torque probably.

What about a 3.6 V8?. Lets face facts,The world needs more Italian V8's howling round the lanes making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your spine tingle!.