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Independent car maker gets funding for Cobra-based project cars

This is the Bailey Blade, an independently developed prototype based on a Cobra replica chassis.

The car is the work of Neal Bailey, who has self-funded the project since July 2007. He is now reported to have landed a backer for the project, and says he will have three protypes ready by this October.

The Bailey Blade concept has adjustable, independent suspension and will be available with a variety of engines, ranging from a small-block Ford V8 to BMW engines. The prototypes will be fitted with Roush-tuned ford V8s witharound 550bhp.

That means a predicted 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds.

Other notable design elements include a wide range of seat adjustability, so that drivers of all shapes and sizes can fit in the car. Bailey is six feet four inches tall, and says he wanted all drivers to be able to enjoy the car.

James Stiff

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