Currently reading: 2022 Ford Focus orders halted due to parts shortage
Newly facelifted Focus can't currently be fully equipped as a result of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

The new Ford Focus has been hit by parts shortages due to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, meaning it can't currently be fitted with the range-topping infotainment system, Ford has told Autocar.

In a statement sent to Autocar, the American manufacturer confirmed that the parts shortages affected new, facelifted Focus cars that were set to be delivered later this year.

The Focus is due to receive a host of technology upgrades alongside a mild styling refresh as part of the facelift, including the introduction of the firm’s new Sync 4 system.

“As a result of the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, one of our suppliers of parts for the updated Focus has indicated that they aren't able to satisfy demand for parts. These parts relate to the 13.2in Sync 4 screen that is part of the updated Focus,” Ford said.

Models equipped with the smaller 8.0in touchscreen are unaffected. 

Ford has confirmed that it's in the process of looking for a new parts supplier. 

“Supply of these parts are being moved to a new location in Europe, but until this is up and running, the 13.2in screen with Sync 4 will not be available to customers," it said.

“We will continue to build the updated Focus with the 8.0in screen. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience that this will cause but trust they will understand the exceptional circumstances.” 

Ford also said it's working on what the ongoing line-up could look like and that the problem is "temporary". 

The new system introduces integrated heating and ventilation controls and a more efficient user interface, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, speech recognition and over-the-air software updates. 

The Focus is built at Ford's Saarlouis Assembly Plant in south-west Germany. 

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catnip 14 March 2022

The new system sounds like a nightmare with its "integrated" heating and ventilation controls.

Do yourself a favour and snap up one of the current models still in stock.

Peter Cavellini 14 March 2022

I would've thought that suppliers of these parts would be contacting Ford and other Car brands and put there bid in to take up the shortage?