Currently reading: 2017 Mitsubishi Shogun to keep off-roader roots
Mitsubishi bosses confirm the next Shogun SUV will remain an authentic off-roader and will use the firm's plug-in hybrid tech

The next Mitsubishi Shogun will remain true to the vehicle’s original positioning as an authentic off-roader, company chiefs have confirmed.

Indeed, the next generation of Mitsubishi’s utilitarian 4x4, which is expected to arrive in 2017, is likely to be positioned as a less-expensive alternative to the Land Rover Discovery and will incorporate Mitsubishi’s increasingly popular plug-in hybrid technology.

The basis of the current Shogun is 15 years old, although the vehicle underwent a significant revamp in 2006, and its replacement has been the subject of much internal deliberation. The Mitsubishi GC-PHEV concept car shown at the 2014 Geneva motor show was a preview of the replacement vehicle.

Mitsubishi markets around the globe recently assessed 4x4s and crossovers made by other car makers in order to define what a true Mitsubishi should be. In the case of the Shogun, it was decided that it must stay true to current values.

Lance Bradley, boss of Mitsubishi Motors UK, said: “A lot of the rivals are more beautiful or more refined but the Shogun needs to be an authentic off-roader: not fancy, not a school-run car but for people who tow horse boxes or actually go off-road.

“Of course, that market is limited, but look at the Discovery - there is room for vehicles with utility at their heart. The Discovery is very good but very expensive and we see an opportunity in providing a less-expensive alternative in terms of pricing and running costs, particularly with our plug-in hybrid technology.”

Bradley believes Mitsubishi’s 4x4 expertise gives it a significant advantage when it comes to taking on companies such as Land Rover.

“There are other car makers looking to slot in below Land Rover but they all have a broad range of cars," he said. "We are SUV-biased, and that gives us a core focus and reputation the likes of Nissan don't have. The customer has to understand why you are selling a particular car - anything 4x4 will get instant acceptance from our customers.”

Sales of the outgoing Shogun have surged by 66%, which Mitsubishi credits to greater awareness of the brand off the back of the success of the Outlander PHEV

“The Outlander PHEV has already proved that if the product is good enough you can change people’s perceptions of our brand, and we expect to make ground in the same way with the Shogun,” said Bradley.

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xxxx 21 May 2015

On to a winning forumla

As with there PHEV it should do well, both in the reviews and in sales(seen quite a few). Just goes to show if you get right do it again! Maybe a pure EV hatch next, like the Leaf
oop north 21 May 2015

Outlander PHEV

I'm not convinced this is selling because it's a good product - it's selling (largely? mainly?) because it saves huge amounts of tax on BIK. An entirely different thing
d79m 21 May 2015

Totally agreee! Very much

Totally agreee! Very much like when everyone started driving twincab pickups as there company cars to save tax.
289 21 May 2015

@ d79m are right to a point, except that the Outlander PHEV is also selling well to private users. Probably due to the favourable RFL rate, congestion charge bypass, lack of range anxiety and the reasonable fuel consumption figures.
However, the Elephant in the room is the Governments as yet unknown plans to 'encourage' drivers out of diesel vehicles. And knowing the Governments way of 'encouraging' tax payers, this will be seen as an opportunity to again dip their hands into our pockets & raiding our bank accounts by invoking punitive & harsh taxes in the name of - 'we are doing this for your own good and the health of your children'!
This will make PHEV's even more popular, quiet petrol engines, cheaper fuel, plenty of power with none of the usual set backs such as poor mpg and high taxation.
So this could be less of a 'bubble' (which Twin cabs filled for a short while), and more of a trend until there is an alternative.
sirwiggum 21 May 2015

" not a school-run car "

" not a school-run car "

Strange, this is where I see most Shoguns, badly parked and showing no awareness of other road users when doing the school run.