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Upgraded A-Class gets minor styling and detail changes and is the greenest version yet - it will go on sale this autumn
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26 June 2015

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has had a significant upgrade for 2015, with the facelift bringing revised engines, new looks and a new motorsport-inspired edition.

The upgrades include a series of tweaks to the appearance of the A-Class inside and out. The most notable change is to the front end, which now comes with Mercedes’ diamond grille as standard. It also gets a revised, more angular front bumper, redesigned tail-lights, integrated exhaust pipes and optional LED headlights.

Inside, the upgraded infotainment system comes with a larger, 8.0in screen on higher trim levels and is now compatible with Apple Carplay and Mirrorlink, which allow integration with a wide range of the latest smartphones.

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The cabin also features new materials and a range of new interior colours and optional ambient lighting with higher trim levels.

Heading the new line-up is the upgraded A45 AMG. Its turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine has been given a 21bhp hike in power and an 18lb ft lift in torque, so it now offers 376bhp at 6000rpm and 350lb ft at 2250rpm.

The four-wheel drive model has also received a revised seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with shorter ratios for third to seventh along with new software for what AMG officials describe as “improved response and shift action”.

In combination with a new Dynamic Plus package that brings a mechanical locking front differential, the facelifted A45 AMG is claimed to hit 62mph from rest in just 4.2sec. This is 0.4sec faster than the pre-facelifted model and 0.1sec faster than the official claim for the latest Audi RS3. Top speed, combined cycle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions remain the same as before at a limited 155mph, 40.9mpg and 162g/km respectively.

The 180 diesel engine benefits from the most notable fuel economy improvement, with official combined consumption now rated at 80.7mpg. The CO2 emissions have been reduced by 9g/km to 89g/km.

The A220 diesel now comes with more power, with 175bhp on tap, up from the pre-facelift version’s 168bhp.

The A-Class range also adopts Mercedes’ new naming structure. Petrol models now just have a number to denote their variant, but diesel models will have a ‘d’ after their name. Previously, diesels were identified with a 'CDI' badge.

As well as the visual changes, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz A-Class features an optional adaptive damping system in a bid to improve the model’s ride quality.

The adaptive system, called Dynamic Select, has been honed at the premium German car firm’s Sindelfingen research and development facility, where a prototype A-Class was subjected to 10 weeks of testing on a ride simulator during the early stages of development. However, Mercedes has admitted that the new set-up has not yet been tested in the UK.


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There are three modes on the adaptive damping system: Comfort, Sport and Eco. The Comfort setting allows more travel and elevation, while ironing out smaller, harsher bumps in the road.

Sport offers less travel and sharper responses, but smaller bumps are more apparent. Despite this, Mercedes-Benz says its engineers have tuned the Sport setting to be softer and more compliant than the Sport settings of its key rivals. Sport trim models will get the system as standard, while it is also offered in combination with the 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The trim levels will remain unchanged, although all models will come with a reversing camera as standard and Sport models will come with climate control included.

A new ‘Motorsport Edition’ has also been created, inspired by the company’s Formula 1 team. Parts of the car, including sections of the alloy wheels, are painted in the same shade of green that features on the F1 car. The colour also features on the sports seats and dashboard. It is set to be offered on the A220d model upwards, and is pitched as being a rival to the likes of the VW Golf GTI.

The revised Mercedes A-Class is available to order from 3 July, with the first cars heading to customers in September. Prices will be announced closer to the car’s on-sale date, but they are not expected to vary wildly from the current line-up, which starts at £20,715 for the A180 SE.

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19 March 2015
Looks like they haven't been able to make the front end appear any less bulky...

19 March 2015
I think Autocar readers should disguise their own cars like this, see if they can get the photos in Autocar.

Don't know why they need to facelift the A-Class. What they really need to do is make it ride better.

26 June 2015
androo wrote:

I think Autocar readers should disguise their own cars like this, see if they can get the photos in Autocar.

Don't know why they need to facelift the A-Class. What they really need to do is make it ride better.

Agree, the ride is 'firm' but at least it doesn't crash through bumps like the Golf with the live rear axle. I swear blind it's straight out of a caddy. The A class is firm, but has a tendency on UK roads to get jittery, like the last Peugeot 308. If they sorted that out, the A class would be a much better car and more in keeping with the brand. Having said that, it's a mile-eating cruiser, at least in 1.5dCi SE spec.

28 June 2015
Is this a Renault engine? The C-Class 200CDI has a 1.6 Renault engine (same as in the Nissan Qashqai). I didn't know the A-Class had this engine. The GLA with the 2.1 diesel sounded really agricultural to me which is a shame as it looks good in red. But nowhere as good drive as either the Q3 or the Mazda CX-5.

19 March 2015
It really is antisocial to bring this offensive little carbuncle out in public.

19 March 2015
Still looks like an over weight 1 series to me!,but, there's loads on the Roads!

19 March 2015
What's going on with the suspension? In picture three it looks like it's sitting on its bump-stops (think that's the correct term) like one of those rat-look custom cars, particularly at the front. In any event, do reprofiled bumpers and revised lights have any measurable impact on sales? Does anyone even notice? I'm with Chris576 regarding the appearance of the A-Class and particularly dislike the random lower crease on the doors, which accentuates the "been sat on by an elephant" look. The original 1-Series had a similarly saggy line at sill level, thankfully straightened out on the second generation.

19 March 2015
I think the small detail changes matter for the market his car is aimed at. Think of the queues outside of any Apple shop when there is a new product or the rush to get the latest upgrade.

Mercedes has entered a new market, image counts for a lot. Being seen with the latest update image more so. Question though: there are plenty A class cars on the road but have sales peaked and begun to fall off. Is this why A class v2.1 is launching.

26 June 2015
I still think that the A-Class is the best car in its class and I don't mean just the A45 AMG that reigns supreme again after a short interlude ;)

26 June 2015
Every review I read of the A-Class feels 'uncomfortable'. Its as if the authors want to say really good things about it, because its a Mercedes, but they struggle because behind the badge it really is pretty average. Maybe all these revisions will change that, at least as far as its abilities are concerned.


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