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Senior Audi official claims VW Group could enter if the costs are lower

Volkswagen Group will consider entering Formula One in the future if the costs become lower, according to a senior Audi official.

Reinhold Carl, managing director of Audi Singapore, told the Straits Times newspaper that the VW Group would consider an entry if the benefits outweighed the costs involved.

"If the cost is lower, it will be more manageable," said Carl. He claimed despite the cost cutting measures ongoing in the sport, the cost for entry were "well over a hundred million euro [£92.5m]" per year.

Jaguar, Honda and BMW have all pulled out of F1 in recent years and doubts still remain over Renault's long term future in the sport and particularly Toyota's.

Carl is not convinced that being involved in the sport brings substantial gains to manufacturer teams. When asked what any VW team would be branded as, Carl said the Porsche and Audi names could be used "or even Volkswagen".

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david RS 14 October 2009

Re: VW considers F1 entry


" I can assure you this will never happen, not because regulations wont allow it but becasue it could never be fast enough to compete anywhere near enough, a diesel would get lapped embarrassingly quickly."

I do not worry about the performances of the Diesel, even in F1.
But, I do not support to see Diesel in competition. I like Le Mans and to see turning Diesel saddens me. We already have it - too much I think - on our roads every day especially in France for my case (75% of the cars). Here, the price of the Diesel is artificially maintained lower than the gasoline. It's abnormal. And the environmental bonus calculated only on CO2 emissions reinforces that. It could happen to a public health problem (with or without particulate filter by the way).

I leave the subject, sorry.

Regrettably, F1 is on a bad slope. In 2013, we'll certainly see the imposition of small compressed engines :-|

Allanp 13 October 2009

Re: VW considers F1 entry

Lets see Porsche fighting for the title along side Ferrari it would be the most natural and exciting racing on the planet. Two of the worlds finest fighting it out on the finest motorsport arena and maybe porsche can add to there 20,000 odd race victories !!!

To keep cost down or at least dilute the initial investment offer VW/Audi/Lambo engines as customer engines

Lets be honest what would you like to see on the grid a Williams - Toyota or a Williams -Lambo

Nuff said get the cheque book out VW

beachland2 13 October 2009

Re: VW considers F1 entry

I dont think toyota will leave f1.