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Two Vauxhall Astras have set a new endurance speed record of 125mph over 24 hours

Vauxhall has set a new record for the average speed achieved on the Millbrook banking over 24 hours.

While the data has yet to be ratified by the FIA and MSA, Vauxhall says it recorded an average speed of 125mph over 3000 laps of the two-mile banked circuit over 24 hours. 

Two 163bhp 2.0-litre CDTi Vauxhall Astras completed the challenge, using 12 drivers each taking four-hour stints. Vauxhall says that during the test both cars required a new set of tyres, but no other mechanical interventions were needed.

The company now aims to enter its time as a challenger to two existing speed records, the 1600-2000cc forced-induction diesel production car classes run by both the FIA and the MSA. Previous records had already been set around the banking over one, six and 12 hours.

While the national 24-hour record has stood at 100.2mph since 1992, a world record has not been established before.

Vauxhall says it has attempted to either set or break a combined total of 18 records with the challenge.

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Him 23 October 2013

From the VX release; "Twelve

From the VX release; "Twelve drivers, comprising nine motoring journalists and three Vauxhall and Opel staff, each drove a total of four hours, split between the two cars. Only one tyre change was required per car (to be on the safe side), no engine oil was consumed at all, and despite completing nearly 1,500 laps of the two-mile banked circuit with the cars’ throttles nailed to the floor, both cars completed the attempt with a mere 22 minutes downtime, in addition to refuelling and driver changes."

Average was around 20mpg

Peter Cavellini 23 October 2013


So did Auto Express!..........hmmmmm?

Cenuijmu 23 October 2013

BenS1, Read this again Two


Read this again

Two 163bhp 2.0-litre CDTi

That's two, ie more than one. Smile