Currently reading: Schuey crash odds put at 40/1
William Hill offers odds on Schumacher

Bookmaker William Hill has issued odds for a variety of Michael Schumacher related incidents in this year's Formula One world championship.

Among these are the odds of 40-1 of a Michael Schumacher crash to determining outcome of world championship.

Schumacher notoriously collided with Damon Hill in the final race of the year on his way to the 1994 world championship, while contact with Jacques Villeneuve in 1997 failed to sway the title battle in his favour.

See more odds below:

Michael Schumacher crash to determine outcome of World ChampionshipYes 40/1

Where will Schumacher finish in the first GP of 2010?1st 5/12nd 9/23rd 15/44th to 8th 8/59th to 20th 4/1

Most Grand Prix wins in 2010 - Schumacher v HamiltonLewis Hamilton 1/2Michael Schumacher 6/4

Most Grand Prix wins in 2010 - Schumacher v ButtonMichael Schumacher 4/6Jenson Button 11/10

Most pole positions in 2010 - Schumacher v HamiltonLewis Hamilton 4/9Michael Schumacher 13/8

Most pole positions in 2010 - Schumacher v ButtonMichael Schumacher 8/11Jenson Button EVS

German drivers to finish first, second, and third in any GP in 2010Yes 3/1

A constructor to switch to a green biofuel as their main supplierYes 33/1

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Phil McCavitie 19 February 2010

Re: Schuey crash odds put at 40/1

You managed to be rude to me earlier so I decided to take a closer look at your posts here to try to give you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps you just have a confrontational style of posting and that's fine so far as I'm concerned as long as you can back it up. Despite editorial concerns about such styles in this place, I believe they have a place in debate.

However, what's obvious is that you haven't a clue have you? It's just opinionated diatribe without any style or substance, you are great a talking at us but you have no ability to listen or understand anything passed back to you.

Schumacher's career has been documented as tainted by his apparent shortcomings in terms of sportsmanship, that's not just my opinion but a considered opinion that finds a voice in many commentators and particpants in that level of journalism and motorsport, motorsport fans views will always be polarised so I place a greater emphasis on what those involved say and that's what they say.

He is a great driver, his feats will probably never be repeated so kudos to him but ANYONE who wins a WDC isn't a dope, the only DOPE is the numpty who fails to follow the simple rule of thumb when posting and it's this;

'Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid then open your mouth and remove ALL doubt'.

That is all.

VirginPower 16 February 2010

Re: Schuey crash odds put at 40/1

Betting is mostly for the seedy, so this story is almost completely irrelevant, but one factual inaccuracy should be cleared up.

He didn't notoriously collide with Damon Hill in 1994, Hill dopily bashed into him going for a gap that wasn't there. Damon was notoriously a dope.

In 1997, Schumacher did what he could with Villeneuve, a much more wily and skilful man than Hill, and couldn't pull it off. Villeneuve deserved the title at that point, but had Schumacher managed to smash a wheel off and win the Championship (temporarily, I imagine), it would merely have reinforced the comparisons with the second greatest Champion that ever lived - Senna.

More fool anyone who gets in Schumacher's way and doesn't have the nous and chutzpah to do it manfully.

Alonso is a sly little bugger who'll continue to challenge Schumacher in blockbuster spats; Button has shown that, despite not having the last nth of talent, he can race doggedly; and Hamilton will remain pretty gung-ho and dazzling.

Vettel is a cooler customer now, and one of the sharpest minds on the grid, but his strategic prowess pitted against the mastery of someone like Schumacher is still a bit of an unknown quantity. How that story unfolds will be one of the most compelling things to watch over the next year.

For the ropey element who like a flutter, the more interesting betting would be on Kobayashi's potential to punt people off and then tell them to get stuffed if they moan about it.