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Younger Schumacher wants to follow his brother back into F1

Ralf Schumacher wants to emulate his brother Michael by making a return to Formula One next season.

The younger Schumacher last raced in 2007 for Toyota and has raced in the German DTM touring cars for the last two years for Mercedes. But Schumacher told German newspaper Bild that he is ready to give up his DTM seat if an attractive F1 seat was to be offered to him.

"I have noticed that the Formula One fire is once again burning within me," he said. "I can understand Michael's decision 100 per cent and I would not have hesitated for a second. You can't stop the passion: racing was and is our life and we have always looked for challenges."

Schumacher won six grand prix in nine years and admitted his reputation had been damaged by his lacklustre spell at Toyota. The 34-year-old also confirmed he had already turned down an offer to race for one of F1's four new teams next season.

"The challenge must be the right one," he said. "There is no point signing a second-best contract, and it's not about the money but whether together we would be able to achieve something. For me the Toyota years are in the past. I know what I can do and I feel good and ready."

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Richard H 1 January 2010

Re: Ralf Schumacher wants F1 return

It was Grand Prix Masters.

Some drivers got more equal treatment than others...

Fittipaldi was quick, Lammers, Stuck, Patrese, Warwick....

Mansell, as usual, took himself too seriously, it was a good idea with no money or a proper championship to back it up.

Paul J 1 January 2010

Re: Ralf Schumacher wants F1 return

Didn't someone come up with a series for retired GP drivers a few years ago. I seem to remember Nigel Mansell trounced everyone else in the first race and the series folded part way through the first season. (Lack of sponsorship?). There were mutterings from the other drivers that it was only for fun and Nigel took it far too seriously. I seem to recall that Alain Prost was going to be invloved originally but pulled out when he heard about Nigel's speed in practise!

Anyway, the point is that this is where Michael should be, and his brother should remain where he is - midfield in the DTM series.

SpiritOfSenna 1 January 2010

Re: Ralf Schumacher wants F1 return

There are offers and there are offers:

Offer 1: Hello Ralf, we're offering you £5 million to drive for us in 2010.

Offer 2: Hello Ralf, we're offering you the chance to pay £5 million to drive for us in 2010.

Can't help but wonder which kind of offer Ralf received.