Younger Schumacher wants to follow his brother back into F1
29 December 2009

Ralf Schumacher wants to emulate his brother Michael by making a return to Formula One next season.

The younger Schumacher last raced in 2007 for Toyota and has raced in the German DTM touring cars for the last two years for Mercedes. But Schumacher told German newspaper Bild that he is ready to give up his DTM seat if an attractive F1 seat was to be offered to him.

"I have noticed that the Formula One fire is once again burning within me," he said. "I can understand Michael's decision 100 per cent and I would not have hesitated for a second. You can't stop the passion: racing was and is our life and we have always looked for challenges."

Schumacher won six grand prix in nine years and admitted his reputation had been damaged by his lacklustre spell at Toyota. The 34-year-old also confirmed he had already turned down an offer to race for one of F1's four new teams next season.

"The challenge must be the right one," he said. "There is no point signing a second-best contract, and it's not about the money but whether together we would be able to achieve something. For me the Toyota years are in the past. I know what I can do and I feel good and ready."

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29 December 2009 will just LOVE it. So much more material

29 December 2009

I'd love to know which of the new F1 teams for 2010 offered Ralf Schumacher a drive. He only ever managed to win races in Damon Hill developed cars at Williams and Jordan.

Michael Schumacher even complained that, in the Belgium Grand Prix in 1999 nasty Eddie Jordan refused to tell Damon Hill to move over from the lead and let Ralf win the race!!

29 December 2009


How was a 2002 Williams developed by Damon Hill? I belive he was sacked in 1996 and had no effect on resulting cars!!

Just a though

29 December 2009

I'm not even sure that Damon had a massive influence on the development of cars at Williams when he was actually there, let alone 6 years after he left...

But that aside, it's still a funny story. Does Ralf think that any of the new teams are as rich and stupid as Toyota? Maybe he should concentrate on not getting thrashed in DTM by guys no-one has ever heard of (as well as all the guys we have heard of) before he contemplates a return to F1.

29 December 2009

Oh, that's the funniest thing I've read in ages. He noticed the Formula One fire burning in him again but not any chance he might have had for a continuing career going up in smoke with every lacklustre performance.

It's proof that Germans do have a sense of humour.

29 December 2009

Ooops; Correction, change the less than spectacular German driver reference to Heinz-Harald Frentzen and the comment makes sense.

29 December 2009

"The challenge must be the right one," he said. "There is no point signing a second-best contract, and it's not about the money but whether together we would be able to achieve something."

No, no, no Ralf! There is no point in signing a second-best driver and you only did it because of the money.

Bless him...

29 December 2009

He may want...But he shouldnt get!

Anyway it looked like most of the time that he was actually in F1,that he didnt really want to be there...Michael had the talent, Ralf had the female talent! (though Michael didnt exactly do too badly on both fronts..did he?!)

29 December 2009

What is it with old F1 drivers, JV is saying that he wants to come back.

He only won in Damon Hill developed cars

He did influence the cars, the car Mansell won in was developed by Damon, with Ricardo Patrese. Mansell did little of the development work.

29 December 2009

This quote could have come from anyone who had a go at F1 and found themselves wanting. I am sure plenty of washed up F1 drivers would come back for a plum drive. This would not have got press coverage if it was not Michaels brother.


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