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Exiled F1 driver still hopeful of a swift return to the sport

Nelson Piquet is still hopeful of a return to Formula One, despite his role in the ‘crashgate’ scandal at last year’s Singapore grand prix.

The ex-Renault driver is due to test a Nascar truck on Monday, but says he is talking to teams about a race seat for next season in F1.

“I will not rest until I have proven myself in F1,” said Piquet. “I'm speaking to a few teams that have open spaces and the new teams are still open. I am under no illusions about how difficult it will be, but I'm talking to people and if I'm given a chance, I will give 100 per cent.”

Despite his Nascar test and interest in other series, Piquet says he is not ready to leave behind F1 just yet.

“This is more about exploring an exciting opportunity. I'd never even seen a car like this and it will be a good experience to see how it is," he said.

"I would be interested in driving many kinds of cars if I had the opportunity, whether it was a rally car or an Indycar or anything like that. I've always enjoyed driving different kinds of cars.

"I did a round of the Porsche Supercup a few years and I did the Le Mans 24 Hours, which was an amazing experience. I definitely want to do Le Mans again. But my focus is still on F1.”

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Peter Cavellini 8 October 2009

Re: Piquet focused on F1 return

Have to have his fathers fortune aswell to live comfortably for the next fifty+

plumiestparts 8 October 2009

Re: Piquet focused on F1 return

When you live in a bubble like this boy does, it must be awfully hard to realise how you are perceived by the rest of the world. Moreso, when the bubble you live in rejects you out of hand and casts you adrift.

His professional life, if you could call it that, is ruined.

I'd take my money, marry a thick but fit model, and move on. It's not like he'll ever need to work again is it?

Pride or morality doesn't come into it, he clearly has little of either.

Symanski 8 October 2009

Re: Piquet focused on F1 return

Peter Cavellini wrote:
i can't believe that he thinks he's an innocent party!

I *STILL* don't believe we've had the truth from those who were involved. However, I doubt that we'll ever find out how much Alonso knew before the race, or if it was really his idea or not.