Currently reading: Massa 'suspicious of Piquet crash'
Ferrari driver had confronted Renault team boss over accident

Felipe Massa suspected Nelson Piquet crashed deliberately during the Singapore Grand Prix last year and confronted Flavio Briatore about the incident in person, it has been claimed.

The report, made by Brazilian television commentator Reginaldo Leme according to, suggests that the source of the accusations against Renault may not be its sacked driver Nelson Piquet, as had been previously suggested.

"He crashed in a very strange way," Leme is quoted as saying. "It struck me when I was talking recently with Felipe Massa. Felipe had gone to Briatore and said, 'This crash was not right, it happened because you wanted it to'."

Massa lost his chance of winning the race when he left his pitstop with the refuelling hose still attached. he eventually finished 13th.

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david RS 5 September 2009

Re: Massa 'suspicious of Piquet crash'

Leave that bad comedy after have lived it.

david RS 4 September 2009

Re: Massa 'suspicious of Piquet crash'

In 2008, it was the year of Hamilton. And only him.

Don't forget Lewis H. won in Spa.

Lewis was punished in France, Massa wasn't punished in Japan.

Hamilton is an ace and was above last year. A race must be won on the track. And not somewhere else like the FIA makes...

But for the FIA, 2008 (and other?) should have been the year of Ferrari, and not at all the year of McLaren.

And otherwise, where are the investigations on the illegal socks of F. Briatore in Spa?

That could upset all the classification and could even make raise Badoer to the 2nd place.

What we have to condemn they are the authorities. And stop all these inquiries on nothing. F1 is a sport, nothing more.
A race must be won on the track!

An advise : Renault, Toyota and Mercedes, live that bad comedy!

Symanski 4 September 2009

Re: Massa 'suspicious of Piquet crash'

Massa would have been world champion now if it were for the fuel rig problems in Singapore, caused by Ferrari's daft traffic light system. The crash that Piquet had probably cost Massa those vital points, and we know that championship was only won by a single point.

Hamilton, however, is a superb driver, but it should have been Massa's year. Overall he did the better job.