Formula One world champion sceptical about engine standardisation
12 December 2008

Lewis Hamilton says he does not think that Formula One will introduce standardised engines in an effort to cut costs.

The FIA is currently in top-secret talks with F1 constructors about how to reduce expenses over the next two seasons following the collapse of Honda Racing.

“I don’t think that a standard engine is ever going to happen,” Lewis told reporters."I can't see that happening simply because the manufacturers play such a huge role in the sport.”

Hamilton added that he thinks introducing a single engine for the sport would make it “less exciting.” He admitted reducing costs in F1 was necessary but said it was “about having a balance.”

The FIA’s plan to cut costs in F1 is expected to be revealed later today after being approved by the World Motor Sport council.

Will Powell

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12 December 2008

Another incredibly well polished response from Hamilton.

Trouble is though, he has been bought up in the PR age of F1, so he realistically isn't going to answer anything other than the perfect non controversial answer.

It does lead me to wonder what does he really think?



It's all about the twisties........

12 December 2008

[quote TegTypeR]Another incredibly well polished response from Hamilton.[/quote]

I think "incredibly well polished" is stretching it a bit on this occasion. I agree that it's probably not for him to speak his mind with the mega-bucks surrounding him but on this occasion he is probably saying what the majority of F1 fans feel about such a rule change.
There simply has to be something to be gained by the manufacturers for the car on the street by exploring all the technological avenues that F1 demands. To cut this off would surely be an additional disincentive to participate?
Unless I'm living in a dream world and F1 is after all just an elaborate advertising hoarding...

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