Currently reading: Drayson plots new EV record at Bonneville
Lord Drayson will attempt to top his 204mph electric car land speed record in Bonneville later this week

Lord Drayson is taking to the Bonneville salt flats in Utah in an attempt to raise his world land speed record. The Drayson Racing B12 69/EV electric Le Mans Prototype broke the world record at Elvington airfield in Yorkshire, achieving 204.2mph in June.

The car is scheduled to run at the Bonneville Speed Shootout between 12-18 September to top his world record in the sub-1000kg electric car class.

Lord Drayson said: “Back in June, the relatively short runway at Elvington limited our top speed as we had to brake as the car was still accelerating. We are looking forward to discovering just how fast the car can go on the wide-open spaces of the Bonneville salt flats, although its been a major engineering challenge to prepare the car for running on salt.

“The development of lightweight car technology is a key part of the drive to bring electric cars to market with the range and performance that consumers expect. That is why we are focused on the sub-1000kg category for the EV world record. It presents the greatest technical challenge to engineer a car that weighs under 1000kg, goes over 200mph and is purely driven by sustainable electric energy.”

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