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Circuit bosses given extra fortnight to prove they have the funds to stage the race

Donington Park has been given a two-week extension by Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone to prove it has the necessary funds to host next year’s British GP.

Circuit boss Simon Gillett said he was committed to completing the project the time, despite Ecclestone himself expressing severe reservations about the likelihood.

“We can confirm that Donington Ventures Leisure Limited has another two weeks from today to further demonstrate our credentials for hosting the British Formula 1 Grand Prix and to provide full information regarding our financial backing and construction timescales,” said Gillett in a statement.

“We have made great strides in recent weeks and greatly appreciate the additional time allowed to us to finalise the information for public distribution in what has been a much more difficult than anticipated economic climate.

"We appreciate the British public's growing frustration with regard to uncertainty that has been cast over the country's largest and most successful motorsport event, but remain committed to delivering on the promises that we made at the start of this process and have the interests of the sport and its fans at heart.”

Earlier, Ecclestone claimed that Donington would struggle to hold the grand prix at this late stage even if it raised the funds.

"It's not good, is it?" said Ecclestone. "Even if they get the money, I cannot see how it will all be ready in time to go. It is very disappointing because we thought it would happen, but they cannot go on missing deadlines.

"They could still come to us saying they have the money, but there is no way the circuit would be ready at this late stage. It looks as though we will have to start planning again."

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TheWizardWeb 13 October 2009

Re: Donington gets GP extension

Wonder if Bernie is stringing it out a bit so there's no time for Silverstone either. He's always got somewhere up his sleeve and with 19 events for next year, probably needs to lose at least one. Chop the ones that pay least...? F1, IMHO, needs to cater for the fans not the bank balance. Look after the former and the latter will be be ok, not the other way round.

Allanp 13 October 2009

Re: Donington gets GP extension

What a load of nonsense

Bernie bin these amatures, for the good of the sport and for your reputation giving them extension after extension makes you look weak and desperate.

Give it to Silverston on there terms it may not be the best in your eyes but fans and drivers love the place and they dont on the whole let you down

See sense and get on with it