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President of BRDC says new Arena circuit is a 'compromise'

Damon Hill has launched a surprising critique of the new 'Arena' track layout that will be used for this year's British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Hill, who is president of the British Racing Drivers' Club, which owns the Northamptonshire-based circuit, told the Daily Mail, that the £5 million re-design is a "frustrating compromise that risks destroying the essence of what brought fans to F1 in the first place".

F1 British GP to run on new track

The new track cuts out the challenging Farm Straight, Bridge and Priory sequence, sending them into the new 'Arena' complez, which has been designed to offer three new overtaking opportunities.

“If you are asking me to say it's fantastic, I'm afraid I am not going to do that. I am not satisfied that we will be providing the best facility we could,” Hill said.

“More money goes out of the sport than comes in. It means we have to be as tight as a duck's backside. We need every penny to survive. You end up having to do things you don't want to. It is very frustrating.

“It is fast, exciting corners that drivers love. It is what fans love. So, it's illogical not to concentrate on developing the sporting challenge. I have the idea of my perfect, fantasy track and that's not what we are building.”

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Symanski 15 February 2010

Re: Damon attacks Silverstone layout

All the new circuits are dull, and anything to make this sport exciting again has to be welcome. I don't care how much money the Arabs or Valencia pour in to Bernie's pockets, I want to see racing! I want value for money when I gift them my Sunday afternoon! And I'd much rather see any venue that produces a dull race two years in a row dropped. Goodbye Valencia!

ordinary bloke 15 February 2010

Re: Damon attacks Silverstone layout

Sounds like Damon is having a "Gerald Ratner" moment, that can't be a good omen for the new layout.

WooDz 15 February 2010

Re: Damon attacks Silverstone layout

We like fast corners and high speed racing but we also want to see some action. F1 has just been a parade of cars for the past few years, the recent changes in the sport had done a good job at giving drivers the opportunity to be able to overtake.