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Will Silverstone step in to take Donington Park's place on F1 calendar

The deadline for Donington Park to raise the £135million it requires to hold the 2010 British Grand Prix has passed, raising speculation the event could move to Silverstone.

Donington needs the money to improve its facilities to F1 standards. It withdrew a bond issue last week, and had until yesterday (Monday) to raise the money.

The deadline passed without Donington or F1 rights holder Bernie Ecclestone passing comment, raising suggestions that an alternative deal with Silverstone was being brokered.

Meanwhile, Donington removed the option of buying F1 tickets from its website.

Ecclestone has talked in the past about Silverstone holding the race in 2010, while Donington tries to raise the necessary finance. However, Silverstone bosses have said they will only sign a long-term deal to run the race.

Reports suggest that Donington Park's failure to raise the money could have knock-on financial implications, with British newspapers suggesting circuit bosses could be faced with paying Ecclestone a £15million cancellation fee.

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Richard H 27 October 2009

Re: D-Day for British Grand Prix

Is over, never believed Gillett would do it.

What next?

Ecclestone will want to go somewhere with another boring Tilke-dome and empty stands

Bernie is holding Silverstone to ransom again, Monza and Monaco get a special rate, we should we have the last two champions in british cars and british built engines.

Spain get two GPs, on poor tracks, we can't get one!

When is Ecclestone going to wake up and take a rate that makes it a viable propsition?

Come on Mr President of the FIA, step in and start doing something useful!