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Scot takes F1 car over Indian bridge at more than five times the speed limit

Racing driver David Coulthard has incurred the wrath of Indian officials by travelling at more than five times the speed limit during a Red Bull F1 demonstration run over the Rajiv Ghandi Sea Link in Mumbai.

The Scot was demonstrating the Red Bull F1 car in front of a crowd of an estimated 50,000 people, but upset officials when he was recorded travelling at 162mph. The highest speed limit on the bridge is 62mph, and in places it is 31mph.

See hi-res pictures from David Coulthard's demonstration runs

Coulthard had been warned prior to the event to respect the 62mph limit - and as a result of his actions the event's organisers have been fined almost £20,000.

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation issued a statement which read: "We respect David for helping put the Link on the global map. But he crossed the speed limit and we will have to recover the penalty. We will not return the organisers' deposit."

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cimardinius 13 October 2009

Re: Coulthard fined for speeding

ronmcdonald wrote:
Wonder if they also fined him for having no registration plates, no tax, no headlights, no indicators, illegal tyres etc.

Then they would have to fine almost every "driver" in India.

Anyway, they did not fine him for driving on the wrong side of the road - so he must have obeyed the local custom (to drive on the shady side).

Robbijay 13 October 2009

Re: Coulthard fined for speeding

crazyal wrote:
Exactly... and do F1 cars have a speedo? cos how else was he supposed to know what speed he was doing otherwise... could have driven it in first gear and still broken the speed limit

Apparently they do, and Nico Rosberg could see it when his fuel warning came on. Thats why he didn't get penalised so the constructors c'ship would go down to the next race.

FriendlyFisherman 13 October 2009

Re: Coulthard fined for speeding

If only he's driven that fast when he was an F1 driver! ; )

It does smell a bit of just being for extra publicity, you don't hire in an F1 car and then limit it to 60mph. Being air cooled I wouldn't think it would be able to run too long at that speed anyway...