Currently reading: Extreme E to launch hydrogen off-road race series in 2025
Extreme H series will use hydrogen fuel cell powertrain; becomes first FIA world championship to use the fuel

Extreme E organisers will launch a new hydrogen-powered spin-off category in 2025 – and it's set to become the first official FIA world championship to use the fuel.

The new Extreme H category will use the same off-road SUV-styled buggies as the existing Extreme E series, but with the electric powertrain swapped for a hydrogen version. While not confirmed, it is understood that the powertrain will be a hydrogen fuel cell system.

Extreme E founder Alejandro Agag has previously outlined plans for the new category to run alongside Extreme E and use the same format, with events taking place on off-road courses in extreme locations impacted by climate change. Each team fields a female and male driver, who switch mid-race.

Extreme E has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with the FIA, motorsport’s governing body, to launch Extreme H as an official FIA championship in 2025 – when Extreme E will also become an officially FIA-recognised series for the first time.

Then, if certain criteria are met, Extreme H will become an official FIA world championship from 2026 onwards. It will be one of just seven series to claim that title, including the electric Formula E world championship.

“This announcement is a significant first step in the development of our championship and our ground-breaking transition to hydrogen-powered racing,” said Agag. “Sport is the most powerful and effective platform to drive innovation and our commitment to delivering sustainable motorsport championships full of excitement and with a reduced carbon footprint are testament to that.”

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem added: “Using sustainable power sources in motorsport is the key objective of the FIA and part of our long-term strategy, and this series is an ideal showcase for that. Hydrogen is an important part of that mix, and we have developed a set of safety regulations for hydrogen-powered vehicles which is part of the FIA’s International Sporting Code.”

The new Extreme H category will be able to benefit from similar architecture to that at Extreme E events: electricity to power the cars is usually generated on site by solar panels, with that energy converted into hydrogen before powering electricity generators.

James Attwood

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soldi 31 August 2023

Shame they're only looking at fuel cells. To my mind hydrogen combustion is a better solution for motorsport. Without noise the racing becomes boring and unemotional. Just look at the failure of Formula E and Extreme E. These guygs should follow the examples being set by Le Mans and Rally.

xxxx 31 August 2023

So Formula E has failed has it, scheduled to run again in 2024 as far as I know.  Been going 10 years now which is 10 years longer than any hydrogen formula.

soldi 31 August 2023

Yes. Failed.

Nobody goes to see it. Nobody watches it. And nobody cares about it.

Total failure.

Just like Extreme E

xxxx 1 September 2023

Still getting so many things wrong soldi. Nobody watches it you say, yes they do. TV audiences certainly grew for the first 7 years.

Total failure you say, it's still going. Perhaps your understanding of English is a failure.

xxxx 31 August 2023

Funny thing is this story is recycled, the series was originally meant for 2024. oh well hydrogen cars always were for the future, which is where they'll stay.

CindyCranor 18 February 2022

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