Future cars will talk to each other to avoid crashes – and they’re being developed in the UK
23 April 2008

A new £15m test track to be built in the Midlands will catapult Britain to the forefront of a telematics revolution expected to reach cars and roads during the next decade.Part-funded by the government and industry, the new track at the MIRA circuit near Nuneaton will feature a city street grid and a fast A-road loop, each festooned with electronic receivers, transmitters and sensors.These will allow car companies and electronics suppliers to hone new car-to-car technologies and traffic control systems planned for introduction starting between 2015-2020.“There’s nowhere at the moment where all these systems can be tried out in their real habitat,” says Phil Pettitt, chief executive of Innovits, the government-backed research group behind the new Advance test track.MIRA and TRL, the privatised government road research lab, are the other partners.“We believe that over five to 10 years these technologies will start to be rolled out to new cars and cities,” says Pettitt.The detail design of the track, due to open in summer 2009, will be finalised with the involvement of British-owned companies such as Vodafone and Trafficmaster, and British-based suppliers like Siemens, whose technology could become standard equipment in the car of the future.The early focus of the technology is road safety, under the umbrella title ‘Co-Operative Active Safety’, although Pettitt concedes that the track could be used to develop road charging technology.Many of the innovations to be explored at Advance, like advanced mobile phone communications, roadside beacons and GPS, have long been seen as the building blocks for an advanced road-tolling network. But there are also concerns that once cars are fitted out with electronic systems, politicians can exert excessive control over drivers. That may be the real discussion point of the future.

Julian Rendell

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23 April 2008

"National Security" to spy-camera every street (no benefit to date). "The enviroment" for CO2 branded tax-grabs and green "ethanol fuel targets" to reduce fuel consumption and have an energy policy based on consuming more energy - and taxes and subsidies - to keep it from bankruptcy. "Health" laws on smoking with no health benefits, just destruction of peoples (pubs) livelihoods, civil liberties and way of living. All hugely wasteful and destructive of the countries living standards.

News also that under the cover of "The War on Waste Reduction" (War?!!) no less than 44,000 people have been fined to date for not leaving their wheely bins with the lid not sealed down amongst many other extreme pettiness by councils Bin-Police wearing 'stab-resistant' jackets.

One poor bloke got fined over £200 for leaving his bin 4" open which the council claimed was 7"... 3" of petitness that's lost on me!

So under the cloak of "reduce accidents" the Government are researching ways to control access to motorways - but we already have Sat-Nav congestion warnings so why do we need to duplicate? Because Big Brother isn't in the your loop when you decide to use a motorway. Big Bro feels left out boo hoo :(

We have "platooning" so Big Brother can monitor how close you drive.

We have "advance" for cities so at no time you're out of view of satilite monitoring so Big Brother can issue parking tickets and Congestion Charging 24/7 and ban you from city centres.

It'll all lead to a Big Bro Black Box in your car telling you where you can and can't go, how you can and can't drive, how much you'll pay for this motorway and that A Road and this urban street. It's a 'policy aim' that is not stated in any parties manifesto. It is a policy that is not on the agenda, has had no democratic debate or approval, and is going to cost £Billions with no stated benefits - because there isn't any. People are entirely capable of driving around as the past 100yrs prooves thank you.

Little by little Big Brother is creeping into and controlling every aspect of your life without any democratic debate or your consent. Did anyone vote for this? Has any political party got this issue on their agenda or laid out in their manifesto?

This is governance by deceipt and by actively hiding undemocratic and illegal policies under the carpet. This is not democracy. Both government and the political parties need to 'come clean' or not run in a democracy at all. Anything less is deceipt and contempt of the lowest order for their country.

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