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Official Ferrari video footage of the 599XX's blistering lap of the Nurburgring
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26 April 2010

Ferrari has released this stunning official footage of the Ferrari 599XX in action at the Nurburging.

The 599XX, driven by Ferrari's factory test driver Raffaele de Simone, set a time of 6min 58sec, which Ferrari claims is the fastest ever for a production-derived sports car.

You can see the footage below or by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

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26 April 2010

I think all of this time chasing at the 'schleife is nothing more than a PR ploy, and Ferrari are yet another Manufacturer that seems to have forgotten that Radical exists. What do they (Radical) have to do? They (Radical) even drove the last car from the UK over to Germany and set the lap record on road tyres to prove it was a track car for the road!!!

I am sure Ferrari chose their words carefully 'production derived sports car' and not production car. So they sell a track only car that is slower than a production car from Radical (SR8: 6min 55 and SR8 LM: 6min 48), well done Ferrari. So sorry to burst you bubble but this is not the record you are claiming.

Personally would like to see Ultima get their GTR 720 over there, and then to see how Caparo get on if they ever decide to go for the record, either of these two would push the 599XX further back down the pecking order.There is a list of cars that would sit above the 599XX. The reason I don't like all of this is simply that the views on what is a road/production car and what isn't is a matter of opinion.

I think that someone should write to the Ferrari marketing department to tell them....very embarrassing.

26 April 2010

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! ! but thats where they'll all be ,who'd want to drive it on public road's?

26 April 2010

I wonder if Michael Schumacher would have gone quicker....

26 April 2010

Great video.

This track is a monument.

26 April 2010

Well, he´s better than me in NFS Shift 987BHP Lambo Murcielago, I´ve just tried again(7:21) :-( , he is quite precise and 599xx is going really savage. Nice onboard

26 April 2010

Just watched this and think Ferrari need to get their Speedo sorted before they can be taken seriously, watch it again and look at all the numbers :-)

26 April 2010

Blimey - scary stuff. And it sounds wicked.. I think he might have knocked a few tenths off if he hadn't changed up twice after the last corner.

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