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British sports car firm laps circuit quicker than Schuey in FXX

British sports car company Ultima claims to have beaten the Top Gear lap record held by Michael Schumacher in a £1million track day Ferrari FXX.

In an unofficial attempt Ultima booked out the test track and completed a circuit in a GTR720 road car in 1min 9.9sec, almost a second quicker than the Ferrari’s 1min 10.7sec lap.

The BBC is understood to have repeatedly denied offers to test the Ultima on Top Gear saying the car would not clear a speed hump, which Ultima denies.

"We are all absolutely thrilled with this lap record," said Richard Marlow, Director of Ultima Sports. "I could see that the Formula 1 inspired Ferrari FXX looked supremely quick in the hands of Michael Schumacher, but I had every belief that it wasn't a match for our legendary Ultima GTR720 road car."

“I would also like to clarify to everybody that our GTR720 will clear all speed humps and anybody whom doubts this fact is welcome to visit our factory so that we can demonstrate this to them first hand."Twitter - follow

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BriMarsh 27 October 2009

Re: Ultima claims Top Gear lap record

Well done Ultima, lots of good videos on Youtube, including the amazing 0-100-0 record.

I can't understand why the BBC are being so dismissive; perhaps someone who has built a GTR could offer their car to The Stig for a "one off lap"? (and bring their own speed bumps, obviously).

ThwartedEfforts 27 October 2009

Re: Ultima claims Top Gear lap record

Notiron 27 October 2009

Re: Ultima claims Top Gear lap record

I've been out in an Ultima with Ted Marlow (the owner of the company) driving. Jesus, they're bloody fast. He told me then (this was two years ago) that they had the unofficial lap record but that TG had refused to invite them officially. This isn't news.

If I wasn't so incompetent, I'd have a stab at building an Ultima.