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20,000 units will be built in the first six months of production
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8 October 2009

The first British-built Honda jazz has rolled off the production line in Swindon.

European production of the Jazz has shifted from Japan to the UK as Honda aims to produce particular models in the continent where they are most popular. More than 70,000 Jazzs are sold in Europe each year.

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David Hodgetts, director of Honda of the UK Manufacturing in Swindon, said: “We see this third model as a wonderful opportunity in the current climate and we’re extremely proud to be building the Jazz here in Swindon.

“The car is incredibly popular with customers, and it has won countless awards for quality and reliability. Shifting production to the UK is a real vote of confidence in all our Associates here in Swindon, and recognition of the high standards which we have been able to achieve at the plant.”

Earlier this year, Honda had to temporarily close down its Swindon plant, where Civic and CR-V models are built, to cut costs. The firm plans to build 20,000 Jazz units to the end of March 2010, with 75 per cent of these to be sold in the UK.

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8 October 2009

Has to be good for the economy

8 October 2009

Jazz aside, if Autocar get to do a factory tour can you please find out when production of the 2010 (due Jan) CR-V cuts in? Honda UK or my Honda dealer won't tell me in the mistaken fantasy that I would just say 'oh well' and order one of the remnants!!!

I might do if it was a long wait but 2-3 months? having a laugh!

Usually the order books on a model open some time before the on sale date so it must be pretty near now and they must be ramping down (if not stopped) the old run by now and preparing the new line.

15 October 2009

The Jazz has a great reputation for reliability. I hope Swindon can continue that tradition.

15 October 2009

[quote Zeddy]

The Jazz has a great reputation for reliability. I hope Swindon can continue that tradition.


Me too. Apparently the British built Civic hasn't been great. No worse than the opposition but not what's expected from Honda. Same goes for the Quashqui which apparently has issues.

Not sure why that's the case, the Swindon and Sunderland workforces are amongst the best in the world. EU suppliers?

Anyway, best of luck to Honda with the Swindon built Jazz, I hope it does well.

15 October 2009

It is a bit of both. My 1st Civic was a heap of junk, failed components and poorly put together. The CRV .... well made, but quite a few squeaks and rattles .... the 2nd Civic is fine. So in a nutshell, don't buy the first year of UK Jazz production ... they will be rubbish. The 2nd year, almost up to Japanese standards.

The only Japanese Honda I have tried at any length was the previous generation Jazz, this was a pretty horrid car but it was perfectly built and solid.

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