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Euro NCAP gives Landwind CV9 MPV a two star rating; Jaguar XF only scores four stars

The first Chinese model to be officially tested by Euro NCAP has received a two star rating.

The Landwind CV9 mid-sized MPV is from the firm that made headlines back in 2005 when its X6 SUV scored zero stars in Euro NCAP-style German ADAC safety tests, revealing that the driver wouldn’t survive a head-on collision at 40mph. The X6’s airbags were also deemed useless and the cabin collapsed on impact.

See pics of the Landwind CV9 in its Euro NCAP safety test

The firm states the CV9 “has been revamped to meet the strictest European safety standards”. Although it’s improved on its 2005 performance, Landwind’s latest model offering was described by Euro NCAP as being “poorly equipped, lacking a side-protection airbag, a head-protection device and electronic stability control”.

Euro NCAP did however say CV9 came close to a three-star rating for its adult occupant protection, but was awarded two stars for its overall performance.

Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP’s secretary general, said: "It is clear that vehicles from China, India and other emerging countries will in the next few years become commonplace on European roads. Euro NCAP will ensure that consumers know what levels of safety are offered by these vehicles.

“By highlighting differences in safety performance, we aim to drive the safety of all cars towards and beyond the high levels we see from more well-established manufacturers. We are confident that Landwind and others will rise to this challenge."

Read more about Chinese saloon's zero star rating

Another notable result from the 14 cars tested by Euro NCAP was the four star award given to the Jaguar XF. A five star rating is the norm in the executive saloon class, a rating received by the new BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-class models.

Euro NCAP said the XF’s score was limited by its adult and child occupant protection. A statement read: “In the side pole impact of the XF, chest protection was rated as weak and the car’s seat and head restraint provided marginal whiplash protection.”

A Jaguar spokesman told Autocar that the firm was confident the XF offered a high-level of safety protection, and all of its in-house real world scenario crash tests confirmed this. "Crash test performance is important to us and we take it very seriously," said the spokesman. "Everything will be taken on-board; we're looking at how we can incorporate the results into future XFs."

Two other cars tested received four star ratings: the new Nissan Micra and the Volkswagen Amarok pick-up.

All the other cars tested by Euro NCAP received five star ratings. These include the Audi A1, Mini Countryman, Ford C-Max and Grand C-Max, Kia Sportage, Seat Alhambra, Vauxhall Meriva and Volkswagen’s new Passat and Sharan models. The Kia Venga also received a five star rating after Kia made changes to its design to ensure it bettered its original four star score of February 2010.Read more on the most recent Euro NCAP results from August

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thebaldgit 25 November 2010

Re: Two stars for Chinese MPV

There is no doubt an improvement in the safety of the Landwind over the previous SUV that had no stars, but it will take a while for them to get to five star ratings that everyone expects so in the meantime people will only buy them cause they are dirt cheap and every so often stories will be printed that they are death-traps.

jelly7961 24 November 2010

Re: Two stars for Chinese MPV

Whilst in principle I agree with the comments about the XF I believe (know) that there are people that won't consider a car unless it scores 5 stars. In the real world I know that it may not have the same results as a lab test but all the same. When we bought a new car earlier this year the trouble said first of that it had to be a 5 star car.

Symanski 24 November 2010

Re: Two stars for Chinese MPV

TStag wrote:
4 or 5 stars for the XF?

The Euro NCAP, I believe, also gives points for having speed limits built in to cars now too. They also want ESP on all cars. So you and I probably think it's all to do with crash performance, but E' NCAP include other pre-crash technologies too.

The speed limit thing is only useful for going through all the SPECs camera areas - help protect your wallet from speeding tax....