Toyota has announced a recall of almost 5000 third-generation Prius models in the UK due to a braking fault
5 June 2013

Around 5000 Toyota Prius models are to be recalled in the UK due to a potential braking fault. The recall concerns a total of 242,000 third-generation Prius models globally.

The recall concerns the failure of a component in the Prius’ brake pedal pressure accumulator. The unit contains a metal plunger containing brake fluid in a metal housing. The plunger has metal bellows sealing nitrogen between it and the housing.

Toyota says the plunger could develop a fatigue crack. Nitrogen could leak into the brake fluid causing the pedal travel to increase and reduce braking force.

Should this occur, a warning light will illuminate. If this does happen, Toyota recommends the car should not be driven. Drivers are advised to contact their local dealer.

Toyota has received two reports of the problem in the UK, and 93 worldwide. No reports of accidents or injuries have been reported.

Owners of the 4,947 cars affected in Britain will be contacted by Toyota in the coming weeks for the rectification work to be carried out free-of-charge. The work will take around three hours to complete.

Our Verdict

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is an easy and very visible route to greenness, even if its reputation as the minicab of choice for UK drivers is now impossible to shake off

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6 June 2013

We're on the move.

Could have bought a proper car instead!

The car in front may be a Toyota but IT IS IN THE F***ING WAY!

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