Mayor claims Porsche's legal action is "a double attack on Londoners"
21 February 2008

The argument for

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, today responded to the news that Porsche is challenging the new emissions based C-Charge by claiming that it was a "double attack that was attempting to remove the democratic rights of Londoners."One of the main arguments for the new scheme is that the London election in May this year gives people the opportunity to decide if they want Ken Livingstone to remain, and the new scheme with him. The new emissions charge is due to be enforced from this October, so the elections will be the deciding factor in whether the new charge goes ahead.The spokesperson went on to say that "no one is allowed to throw their rubbish in the street and Porsche should not be allowed to impose gas guzzling polluting cars on Londoners who do not want them."

The argument against

Since it announced that it would action a judicial review against the new C-Charge, which will see cars producing over 225g/km of CO2 paying £25 for entry to the capital, Porsche has released further information on the charge's lack of environmental impact.The sports car manufacturer claims that TFL's own figures show that the amount of C02 saved by the scheme in one year is less than the amount emitted from Heathrow every four hours.Andy Goss, Managing Director of Porsche GB, said "not only is this new charge an unfair tax on motorists and families, it is a tax that will do nothing to reduce emissions or congestion in London."Porsche has set up a website,, where there is a petition against the new charge and more information about the basis for legal action. Those wanting to vote in favour of the emissions-based charging scheme will have to wait until the London election in May.

Our Verdict

Porsche Cayenne

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22 February 2008

I'm no Cayenne fan but it's about time someone stood up to TFL's nonsense and we had a proper, sensible debate about this new tax, which seems based on one man's mission to punish people who want to drive 4x4's, and not hard facts. A cynical attempt to make a quick buck while hiding behind green good intentions.

Meanwhile Londoners have to rely on an expensive, overcrowded, dirty and unreliable public transport system that is out of date and too far behind the demands expected of it every day.

Don't see why the motorist should always take the brunt and pay the price for pollution. If cars have to clean up then why shouldn't the manufacturing industry, planes and public transport too?

Is it me or is the motorist always an easy target? Good luck Porsche, hope other manufacturers have the guts to join you and hope you win!

22 February 2008

Oh, you silly, silly German sports car importer. If you lose, you will have gained nothing except the respect of a bunch of Anti-TFL people who probably loved Porsches and all that they stand for anyway. If you win, you will the enjoy the everlasting ire of a green lobby that is only going to become more powerful as the 21st century progresses. Rearrange these words - chew, you, bite, off, more, than, can.

22 February 2008

Though I fundamentally disagree with the congestion charge which has made no difference to either traffic or air quality in London, how ludicrous is is that Porsche, manufacturer of some of the most expensive production cars available, is claiming that their buyers will be adversely affected by a £25 day a charge when they can afford a £37k plus car!

The congestion charge needs a radical overhaul. The fundamental model is all wrong. The Singapore system should be used to actively manage traffic in and around London...

22 February 2008

Why is it ludicrous ? Who said that climate change was the most important thing in the world ? Shouldn't people be allowed to use their cars without being taxed out of existence ? Porsches are high quality vehicles that will outlast a Prius or that deathtrap the GWhiz. Porsche is a big company that employs thousands of people. Shouldn't their lives be protected ? Isn't £25 rather a big jump from £8 ?

This argument that just because someone can afford to spend £38k on a car means that they can afford £25 a day is just wrong. You can finance a £38k Porsche Boxster for £495 a month. 20 days of the class war charge er ...sorry..congestion charge is £500. So is it fair that someone should pay the same to drive his car as the car costs him ? Not all Porsche drivers are red-braced, Thatcherite city types who buy high and sell low (did I get that right ?)

22 February 2008

Got to say, I signed the petition on the Porsche web site in favour of them standing upto Ken Livingston. I don't own a Porsche nor do I live anywhere near London, but I do believe all fully paid up car owners have a right to drive wherever they like as long as tarmac is under the wheel, lets face it, we already pay huge amounts in tax to drive within the UK.

Others have posted on the effects or lack of effect the current legislation has had on general traffic/air quality in London. What this could be though (depending on how far Porsche actually take it) is a land mark case, that may shape the future plans of councils in other large UK cities.

22 February 2008

Simon Wells - you're very confident the green movement will increase their power base. I think over the next 2 to 3yrs the truth will come out about this piffle. Rearrange these words - Rubbish Out, Rubbish In.

23 February 2008

You're on, JJ. Feb 22, 2010 is in my diary. I'l be here and I'm backing that you'll be rearranging these words - pie, humble, eat.

23 February 2008

Hehe ;)

Simon you're on. BTW can you tell me what the IPCC computer models think the Earths temperature will be on Feb' 2010?

23 February 2008

Not off the top of my head but I have this dread feeling that 21 paragraphs of ill matched cut and paste anti-man made climate dogma is heading in my general direction.

23 February 2008

Another bad prediction !


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