Currently reading: Tax cash 'wasted on taxis'
Whitehall workers spend £8m on taxis and private cars in a year

The government has been accused of wasting taxpayers' money on using taxis and private cars.

Information obtained by the Taxpayers' Alliance shows that Whitehall workers spent more than £8 million on taxis and private car services last year - including four departments spending £6600 keeping cars waiting in a single month.

Of the total, £2.5 million was spent on taxis and £5.5 million went on bills for the Government Car and Dispatch Agency, according to data from 19 government departments.

The biggest spender was the Foreign Office, which spent more than £1.2 million on cars for its UK staff.

The Taxpayers' Alliance claims many officials are using cars for journeys that could be made using public transport.

Chief executive Matthew Elliot said, "Current spending on taxis and chauffeured cars is excessive.

"When ordinary businesses are trying to save money by getting employees to take the bus, it is only fair that public officials do the same.

"Some taxi rides on the taxpayers' pound are unavoidable, but too much is being spent on the luxury of convenience while cheaper options are available."

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