Currently reading: Steam record bid hits a hitch
Technical problems end first record attempt; team will try again tomorrow

The British Steam Car Team has aborted its first attempt to set an official speed record following a mechanical problem.

The "Steamin’ Demon" car made a first run this morning, but aborted its second effort after a slight problem with the throttle was detected.

It is understood that the throttle was letting water through the turbine rather than bypassing it.

The team now plans to investigate the problem for the rest of today, before making another record attempt tomorrow.

The team has previously hit a best average speed of 137.4mph, well ahead of the current record of 127mph, set in 1906 by American Fred Marriott in his Stanley Steam Car. However, as this was in testing and unobserved, it does not count as a world record.

The FIA has strict guidelines as to how to qualify an official land speed record, with an average speed being taken from two runs across the same land area within 60 minutes of each other.

The team also hopes to eclipse 146mph and beat the American national record of 145.6mph, which is not ratified as a Guinness record because FIA officials weren't present.

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