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Transport select committee also calls for a review into road pricing

The SMMT has welcomed the transport select committee’s review into motoring taxation and charges for road users.

The select committee has called for a clear and transparent approach to motoring taxation and wants a consistent and long-term framework for future taxation.

SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt said, “Government must work with industry and other stakeholders openly on a new, consistent and transparent long-term model for motoring taxation that is fair and helps industry to deliver low-carbon targets.

“Any change to policy must reconcile revenue, environmental and UK industrial goals while achieving buy-in and trust from the consumer.”

Part of the select committee’s report called on volunteers to take part in a road pricing trial, which had been abandoned by transport minister Lord Adonis.

“The government's strategy on road pricing is in a mess,” said the report. “It has gone from being a top priority to something that ministers try to avoid mentioning.”

Committee chairman Louise Ellman said, “It is clear that you cannot impose a national scheme; it simply would not work. The need is to market it and make it attractive to people.”

Under the committee’s proposals, motorists taking part in the trial would receive a reduction in their Vehicle Excise Duty and fuel taxes could also be reduced or scrapped.

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