Saab boss says he is in talks with other manufacturers about sharing a new small car platform

Saab CEO Victor Muller has confirmed his company is in talks with other manufacturers about sharing technology for a new small car platform.

The platform, Muller told the Bloomberg news agency, would be used to underpin a spiritual successor to the Saab 92 model that launched more than 60 years ago.

Muller declined to comment on which manufacturers he was in negotiations with, although he did say the new 92 would have the tear drop shape of the original.

“Discussions are already ongoing [with other manufacturers],” said Muller. “That will be on my plate for the next 100 days.”

Muller revealed to Autocar earlier this year that the new 92 would be a “super-cool” new supermini and had been inspired by the relationship between the latest Mini has and the Issigonis original.

He also said he “works with Saab designers every day” on the 92 project and carries the latest renderings when he travels on business.

The car is unlikely to be seen before 2013.

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Carol Smith 11 October 2012

I think folks have to wait a

I think folks have to wait a lot for the Saab mini. I saw some pictures of Saab 9-2 , it looks amazing. The CEO had just revealed the hand sketch and i hope they will start the project very soon.


pirelli mt18


pandamonium 1 June 2010

Re: Saab's Mini: new details

Would love to see SAAB flourishing again with cars like this suited to the Euro market , compact and distinct, this could be a great addition to their range but by the time they introduce this to the market, there will be a new MINI 2014 and BMWs fwd 1 series 2013, Audi's A1 will be established, like wise Alfa MiTo which its replacement is already due in 2013 and not including Merc/Nissan/Renault joint venture so new A class and its various bodystyles including sports car and Infiniti will probably have their versions, this will be a very crowded market with strong competition, SAAB needs to get this right from the beginning.

Although unlikely it's not improbable it could share the MINI platform, BMW's fwd 1 series will more than likely put a stop for any platform sharing but they have to get as much use out of this platfrom to ensure a good return. Even though BMW are competitors they do have a slightly differing customer base. If it's a European manufacturer then Peugeot/Citroen could be a good partner as they are not direct competitors and P/C do have the platforms ready made and a wealth of knowledge with fwd.

SF695 30 May 2010

Re: Saab's Mini: new details

I doubt a partnership with BMW is the first thing in SAAB's mind. Their cars are too different. BMW uses RWD. SAAB uses FWD. Audi/VW is a much more likely partner