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Tesla's CEO confirms RHD drive Roadsters will arrive in the UK in 2010

Tesla has confirmed it will launch a right-hand drive version of its Roadster in the UK in 2010.

Currently, the electric sportscar is only available in left-hand drive but Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that a re-engineered right-hand drive version would arrive early next year.

Musk says the cost of re-engineering the Lotus Elise-based roadster to right-hand drive was “not prohibitive”. A more powerful Sport version of the Tesla Roadster is also planned.

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Musk also confirmed that the right-hand drive Roadster would be exported to other right-hand drive markets including Japan, India and Australia.

Last month, Tesla received a $465 million (£290 million) US state loan to help it develop and engineer its upcoming seven-seat Model S saloon model. The loan will also be used to build a powertrain manufacturing plant to supply electric powertrains to other car makers.

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