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New Honda Jazz to go on sale in September, Dacia Duster Black edition announced, Audi A3 sales pass three million

The new Honda Fit/Jazz will go on sale in Japan this September. The new Jazz, which will have a 1.5-litre unit as one of its engine options, will come with a choice of three driving modes - labelled EV, hybrid and engine.

Dacia has announced a special edition of the Duster, celebrating the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Black Edition costs from £15,575 and features a black vinyl finish, an ash leather interior and various infotainment upgrades. It is available to order now.

Audi's A3 has passed three million units. A Sportback 2.0-litre TDI quattro was the milestone car, rolling off the production line in Ingolstadt this week. The car was first brought to market 17 years ago.

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radium94 22 July 2013

Nissan Terrano

I believe the Indian Dacia Duster comes with Sat nav,infotainment options,rear air conditioning and sells for about a cost of 1,200,000 Rupees,which is around 15,000 Pounds. Nissan is going to rebadge the Dacia and sell it as Terrano and I must say,from Computer generated Images available so far,It does look better than the Duster

n50pap 20 July 2013

£16k for a Dacia?

It may look good, but Dacia have stated that they operate a strict no-discount policy, so this will have to be significantly better than its competition to attract significant sales.  Personally, I'd be looking for something that would offer a discount so that I'd be able to impress the neighbours, rather than having to explain the difference from the prices that Dacia have advertised since they were introduced to the UK and to assure them that I'd spend my cash wisely.  If I were looking for a small value for money car,I'd happily buy a Dacia, but for this sort of money you'd need to be a real fan of the marque.

catnip 19 July 2013

Even without the stuck on

Even without the stuck on plastic bits of this RS version, the new Jazz looks a far more intricate and fussy design than the previous two models. Still, judging by the sizeable number of pre-reg current models washing around on the net the dealers will be glad to have something new to sell.