Malaysian firm is willing to partner a foreign manufacturer
7 October 2009

Proton has dismissed claims that the company is weak and dying amid reports it is seeking a foreign partner.

The Malaysian firm has been linked with striking a deal with Volkswagen and Proton chairman Nadzmi Mohd Salleh claimed the firm was hoping to partner with an unnamed foreign firm by the end of the year.

Nadzmi, who was speaking at Lotus’s Hethel HQ as part of a visit by the king and queen of Malaysia, said the company didn’t need a “walking stick” and any deal would be based on increasing market share and developing new products.

Proton managing director Syed Zainal said: We would have to make a decision that is good in taking the company forward. There’s a lot at stake and the decision is not easy to make. That’s why we’re taking our time.”

Proton has been Lotus’s parent company for more than ten years and Zainal claimed the Malaysian firm has yet to fully utilise its partnership.

“Today, we have reassessed the interaction between the two companies,” he said. “No doubt there are gaps and weaknesses that need to be improved upon, but we are quite determined to make the collaboration stronger,

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8 October 2009

[quote Autocar]that the company is weak and dying amid [/quote]

As probably the only contributor to this blog that cares a toss about Proton, I have a Gen 2 and for cheap and cheerful fun it takes alot of beating. I find this comment odd.

Proton posted a profit for first quarter this year, surely the only volume car maker to do so? Also Proton owned Lotus recorded a profit. I appreciate the model range won`t appeal to all but weak and dying? i think not.

8 October 2009

With the likes of Kia and Hyundai now selling good cars, it shows up the Proton range to be particularly poor. I'm surpised anybody buys them (sorry jonfortwo).

8 October 2009

If you have driven Proton products then you have every right to express your opinions.

8 October 2009

[quote Autocar]Proton chairman Nadzmi Mohd Salleh claimed the firm was hoping to partner with an unnamed foreign firm by the end of the year.

Proton has been looking for a partner for a long time, surely? Even MG Rover was trying to strike a deal about six years ago (before the original Chinese discussions got under way) to sell a modified Proton Gen2 as the Rover 45's much-needed replacement.

That aside, I hope Proton pulls something off and does link up with a major manufacturer. It's surely the company's only guarantee of a long-term future, despite its current profitability? The company is rapidly losing ground in markets like the UK, with sales here so far this year (January to September) dropping 37 per cent to just 773 units. If UK Proton sales continue falling at the same rate that they have done over the last few years, the future's not looking too good for the brand in Britain.

10 October 2009

Yeah, but the Malaysians are 10 years behind the Koreans, in design, quality, and overall appeal. I think if they expanded over here to the US market they can do ok, but they would be forced to change too. They have been 10 years behind the Koreans from day one, and I hate when you Brits compare the Koreans with the Malaysians.

Hey you guys like Fords over there, so its not exactly a brain trust of car enthisiasts to trust.

I dont give a flying fuck what you guys say about Ford. I dont trust them, I dont believe them, and most of their Euro Product made for American sale will be built in Mexico=The same shitty Eastern Bloc quality us Americans recieve from these TRICKSTERS AND HOODLUMS for years.

Ford Got high marks on an initial quality survey recently, but after 3 years of use Ford vehicles are 20th Place out of 37 places in in reliablity. That is horrid, well at least in the US. If you guys in England love Ford you can have em, becuase we sure dont.

10 October 2009


mmm......who mentioned ford???!!!

who exactly are you arguing with?!

10 October 2009

protons main market is asia, which is quite a big market !


12 October 2009

I mentioned Ford, becuase this is a British Website and it is widely known that you guys are pretty much the only people in the world that loves Ford small cars.

Im actually getting tired of it too. They dont deserve to survive as a company and you guys help prop them up.

12 October 2009


This is my opinion. Proton had in the early years developed cars good enough to take one from point A to Point B. They did not design a car to pamper its owner or passengers. No Napa leather interior or Bose sound systems! Its purpose was solely to transport people. In some ways it is similar to the Beetle when it first went into production. Over the years, they realised that people now want more than just the necessity and are willing to pay for it. This was when Proton revamped its product range with the introduction of the Impian (Waja) and Gen 2, the early in-house designed cars. Do bear in mind that Proton is still very young in the automotive industry as compared to Mercedes or even Ford and they are still learning from the big boys out there. It would not be fair to compare them with the more established players. But for a young boy in the industry, I am very proud to say that Proton has done well. Their product range and quality controls keep improving. Its just a matter of time before they are able to offer products which are world class standard. With Lotus in their pocket, Proton has significantly improved in design and engineering and I believe that so long as Lotus is under their helm, Proton would be developing very good cars.

12 February 2010

Proton biggest market is the domestic market. A lot of subsidies & protections are given by the Govt to ensure Proton survives. So the local market is not a level playing field for other car makers. Local car buyers buy a Proton not because thay want to but is more of they have to. When it comes to export market especially the Uk market & Proton is rather an exclusive brand. Usually exclusivity comes with a price but not in this case. A case in point is:

2008 UK's total sales figure of Lamborghini with a two model line up & price ranging from 140,000 -280,000quid was 2,430 units. For the same period, Proton with a a three model line up & price ranging from 7,995 -10,995quid sold 1,518 units.

A Proton is more exclusive than a Lamboghini in UK. The other side of the coin is, Proton just cannot compete in the export market. Car magazine's verdict on Proton model range:

SAVVY: Straight into row Z or try a Seat Ibiza

SATRIA NEO: Not row Z more like L or try a Renault Clio

GEN-2/PERSONA: You don't care do you? Or try a Bicycle magazine.

For that matter Perodua another national car maker is the top seller in Malaysia & not Proton.

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