Private buyer adds '6 O' to his collection
8 December 2009

The registration plate '6 O' has sold for £100,000 at the DVLA's latest auction of private registrations.

The plate was bought by Ghanim al-Hadaifi, 24, who has already bought '4 O' and '5 O' this year for a combined £146,000.

The DVLA has now earned a total of £666,560 selling the first six digits in the 'O series'.

'1 O' sold for £210,000 in January and '2 O' raised £142,000 in March.

Ghanim al-Hadaifi's spokesman said: "Money is not really an issue, he just wants the best registrations he can have for his cars.

"He already has his sights set on numerous others, which we hope will be auctioned next year."

The most expensive registration sold this year was '1 D', which raised £352,000 at auction.

All money raised from the sale of private registrations goes to the UK Treasury.

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8 December 2009

I cannot express my contempt for people who pay such sums of money for number plates.

8 December 2009

Why tell people what you can't do ????

It's got nothing to do with you what people spend their money on - go back to sleep in sadland

8 December 2009

Are you sure he's 24? The guy in the picture looks at least 44! Number plates are the last thing he should be worrying about. Mind you, when you're that wealthy, I'm sure the ladies dont really care.

8 December 2009

...nothing compared to the £7 MILLION that the guy in Abu Dhabi spent on the number plate '1' !

8 December 2009

It's just a bit pathetic really, isn't it? I'd have thought that for reasons of personal security alone, it would be sensible for wealthy people to drive as anonymous a car as possible - however if the guy wants to give his money away to the Treasury it must be good for the rest of us.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

8 December 2009

Private number plates are the ultimate mark of the vulgarian, but if it raises money for the exchequer then who are we to argue with how he wishes to spend his (clearly excessive sums of) money.

8 December 2009

Hat in the ring time .....

Both my personalised plates spell something rude ;o) bought from the DVLA for £250 each, their dumb censors missed them.

8 December 2009

[quote 38carssofar]Both my personalised plates spell something rude ;o) bought from the DVLA for £250 each, their dumb censors missed them.[/quote]

Why not , if it gives other drivers something to smile about in a traffic jam.

8 December 2009

I agree with JackB. With people starving in the world, someone who can waste six figure sums like they have no value, on something so utterly pointless, seems completely wrong no matter the perspective you try and view it in.

I don't believe in limiting peoples success, and I'm not jealous of this guy and his obviously enormous wealth, but personal number plates serve almost no purpose. They have the same lettering, the same colours, and your car still looks the same at a glance. I just don't understand why. Its not even vanity, because its even more pointless.

There is a line where the value of quality, function, and form becomes detached from reality and this is on the wrong side of it.

I don't really know what I'm getting at, so will just say that I find it deeply sad, that someone can crave recognition so desperately that they have to spend what, for many people, is a lifetimes amount of money, on a foot long piece of plastic. I genuinely feel sorry for him.

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