Currently reading: Police to fine careless drivers
Police will be able to fine reckless drivers on the spot from 2012 in a bid to make roads safer

Police are being given new powers to hand out on the spot fines to reckless drivers in the fight to make Britain’s roads safer.

The scheme – likely to be introduced in 2012 – will target those who are caught tail-gating, undertaking, 'cutting up' or driving without due care and attention.

Penalties of at least £80 and three points on offenders’ licenses could be served by police instantly, a move designed to eliminate the lengthy court proceedings and prosecution currently experienced.

The new rules will also force disqualified drivers to take extra training or even retake their test before they’re allowed back on Britain’s roads.

As well as the new strategy, the latest review by transport secretary Philip Hammond hints that the motorway speed limit could be raised to 80mph and the national speed limit on country roads - currently 60mph - could be reduced.

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