Sergio Pininfarina, honorary chairman of the company which bore his name, has died aged 85. Here is a selection of the firm's greatest designs
7 July 2012

Sergio Pininfarina, honorary chairman of the Pininfarina Group, died this week at home in Turin aged 85.

His company were responsible for some of the best-looking and most iconic cars of the last century. Sergio will forever be associated with Ferrari and Maserati. Those moe familiar with his work, and the British car industry will also recognise the work he did with BLMC.

Click the image above to see some of Pininfarina's finest work.

Pininfarina began his career in the family firm in 1950 and became general manager ten years later. Following his father’s death in 1966, he took over the chairmanship of the company.

He presided over collaborations with Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Maserati, Vauxhall and Peugeot. More recently, Pinifarina has become involved with a number of Chinese car makers.

In 2005, he was appointed Life Senator which marked the culmination of his political career.

Sergio Pininfarina oversaw the construction of the firm’s facilities in Grugliasco, an R&D centre, Italy’s first wind tunnel and floatation on the Italian stock exchange. In 1987, he established an industrial design centre, marking the brand’s ambitions beyond automotive design.

Click through to our picture gallery for some Pininfarina's greatest hits. 

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3 July 2012

Surely one of the greats may he design in peace and drive the greatest roads with no fear!

To live is to drive

3 July 2012

Very sad news, a design genius that'll never be forgotten.

3 July 2012

Truly one of the greats.

3 July 2012

A true great. Penned many of my favourite classic Alfas and Peugeots. Inspired me to become a designer.

3 July 2012

Not just one of the greatest designers the world has ever known, but also one of the greatest artists the World has ever known!

R.I.P Signor Pininfarina, and thank You for all the beauty You brought into our lives!

4 July 2012

Lorenza is the daughter.

5 July 2012

Only a car website would put a car on the banner and not a photograph of the man himself. And the car isn't one of his best.

7 July 2012

First picture reminds me of my top trump cards of the 70s, like all designers he had his good and bad days of design. Fortunately more good... A great loss to the car world.

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