National symbols legal under law changes
27 April 2009

Motorists will be allowed to display national flags on their number plates after a change in the law.

The new rules come into force today and allow drivers to place the Union flag, Cross of St George, Saltire or Red Dragon of Wales on the left hand side of the plate.

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon said: "The display of our national flags is a healthy expression of the pride we have in our country. 

"It is right that motorists are now able to celebrate this pride by displaying flags on their number plates and I look forward to seeing our national symbols on cars around the country."

As well as the national symbol, one of the following identifiers can also be displayed: Great Britain, GB, United Kingdom, UK, Cymru, Cym, England, Eng, Scotland, Sco or Wales.

No other symbols or flags can be displayed on number plates.

Motorists displaying national flags and identifiers will still be required to display the conventional oval sticker when travelling in Europe.

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