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Sports car manufacturer wants to kick-start sales with £20 raffle prize draw

Impatient to kick-start sales of his Wildcat V8 sports car, sports car manufacturer Al Melling has started raffling cars at £20 a ticket.

The Rochdale-based entrepreneur wants to get "a critical mass" of his two-seat, front-engined sports roadsters on UK roads as quickly as possible, and sees the move as a way of circumventing the current shortage of finance for car buyers.

"As soon as we’ve sold 2000 tickets, we’ll conduct the draw and build the car," said Melling. "The winner will have to answer a brain-teasing question first. Assuming they can do it, they’ll get a choice of Speedster or standard body styling, and of Chrysler Hemi, Chevy LS3 or our own Melling V8 engine.

"I believe we’ll be building cars at a rate of roughly one a month."

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