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British experts working on system to transform journeys

Birmingham could become England’s first 'intelligent city' thanks to a new system that analyses traffic flow, public transport and even available parking spaces.

The technology, which is being developed by Coventry University Enterprises and software giant Microsoft, will be available within five years and is set to transform the lives of people travelling around the city.

The team behind the Birmingham Intelligent Transport network said the information would be constantly updated and sent out via computer, mobile phone or GPS.

Anyone driving or using public transport could get information specific to the point of enquiry.

GPS links would even show the best possible routes to walk to a bus stop and advise an alternative route if the bus was delayed.

If it is successful other cities could benefit from the technology.

Dominic Gill, Microsoft regional manager, said: “This is the first application to use available data intuitively to put real power in the hands of individuals to make and refine travel plans.

“The strategy of linking with information sources so they can react to an individual’s changing circumstances will transform people’s travelling experiences.”

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