Updated saloon caught testing in heavy disguise
29 September 2009

This is the new Peugeot 408, which has been caught testing in heavy disguise.

As previously revealed by Autocar, the replacement for the 407 will be more conservatively styled and less of a visual leap forward as its predecessor.

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The car will be more evolutionary in its looks than the step from 406 to 407, said a company insider.

However, it is understood that the design will have eye-catching detailing and “hard-edged” looks that will help it stand out from other mid-sized saloons.

“The car will be an evolution, not revolution,” said the source. “For the overall effect, think Insignia.”

An all-new chassis features, which it will share with the new Citroen C5. Other technology which should make production is hydropneumatic suspension and adaptive headlamps.

The new 408 will feature a hybrid powertrain in the line-up, most likely with a diesel engine rather than petrol.

Peugeot is pioneering the diesel hybrid in cars like the 3008 and will extend the technology to its next generation of saloons.

A hybrid 408 should be capable of class-leading economy and CO2 of less than 100g/km. It is expected to be officially revealed later this year and will go on sale in the UK in 2010, with the hybrid following in 2011.

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29 September 2009

Another car in a plastic bag. It doesnt really tell us anything, other than its being developed.

The 407/C5 is not a bad basis to start from (except for weight) so there is hope it will drive well.

Personally i would like to see a car in the range to do what the 405 MI16 did, or to a lesser extent what the 406 V6 offered. Something that was missing entirely from the 407 range.

29 September 2009

Putting the argument that whether people in France - people at Peugeot, Citreon, Renault, and the likes – have produced any sparkling or breathtaking designs in the last decade or so aside, one thing which they seem to be out to prove lately is that they sure know the meaning of disguise.


29 September 2009

Replacing the 407 already? It seems like it's been with us for barely 10 minutes!

29 September 2009

[quote Autocar]and less of a visual leap forward as its predecessor.


i think thats pushing things a bit far, mid size Peugeots have always been classy and conservatively styled, the 407 is a visual disaster .

29 September 2009

Evolution not revolution? That's a shame. The 407 is so vile that I was hoping for a revolutionary change.

30 September 2009

How can Autocar say it's less of a leap than the 407?

My x-ray specs must be faulty.

More sensationalist Autocar nonsense.

27 October 2009

407 sw is in my opinion, one of the best looking cars on the road and a dream to drive. It will take some beating with new 408


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