Currently reading: New 9-3 to re-use old platform
Saab's new 2012 9-3 will rely on the current car's underpinnings and not a new platform

The next-generation Saab 9-3 will be based on the current car’s Epsilon I platform, according to the firm’s boss Victor Muller.

The platform has been used to underpin the 9-3 since 2003 and it had been thought the new 9-3 would use General Motor’s new Delta platform, as seen on the Vauxhall Astra and Chevrolet Cruze.

Instead, Muller said the new 9-3 would rely on the current car’s underpinnings, albeit with major modifications to suite Saab’s tastes.

"It's a heavily modified Epsilon I platform, but [it belongs to] Saab now,” said Muller. “So that's the basis for the new 9-3; we have no further restraints so we don't have to share it with anyone else.

“This means we can knock ourselves out to make it the car we want it to be."

Saab intends to launch the new 9-3 in 2012 as part of its recovery plan.

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WooDz 7 April 2010

Re: New 9-3 to re-use old platform

My first comment stands then... Negative Vectra comment galore.
I just hope the press will not be so narrow minded and gauge this new car with a open view and refer to the architecture as I-P.
Most here have written the new 9-3 off without knowing what it will look like let alone drive like.

Are you all part of the Angry Mob? seems like you are...

marktobin 6 April 2010

Re: New 9-3 to re-use old platform

Surely it can't really come as any surprise that new SAAB will have to use a modified version of the current 9-3 for the new model. However i fear there is very little money in the kitty to do a good enough job. I test drove a 9-3 a couple of years ago & whilst it wasn't the worst car i'd ever driven i described it as being a "nothing" car, it had no appeal, no character, no feeling. The game has moved on like never before, SAAB will have their work cut out just to not fall too far behind, never mind actually keep up.

manicm 6 April 2010

Re: New 9-3 to re-use old platform

Volvophile wrote:
Jaguar managed to do it with the XF from the S-type.

Well the S-type chassis was very good to start with, which is patently not the case with the current old Vectra based 9-3.

Also unlike the new 9-5 which has a solid Insignia base to work off.