Currently reading: Merc plans nine-speed auto'
New gearbox will be introduced on large-capacity engines

Mercedes is working on a nine-speed automatic gearbox, according to senior engineering sources.

The new ‘box will be introduced on large-capacity engines, our sources claimed.

The ‘box is said to offer huge improvements in fuel economy and CO2 emissions, but development of gearboxes with more than nine ratios is unlikely.

Mercedes engineers believe nine ratios is the maximum that is technically possible, as well as being the most that customers will be able to cope with.

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MrTrilby 24 July 2010

Re: Merc plans nine-speed auto'

beachland2 wrote:
for what possible reason would they have a very very short 1st gear?
As someone else has already suggested, to mimic a low ratio transfer box. Handy for pulling away up a steep hill with a heavy trailer attached.

Zedboy 24 July 2010

Re: Merc plans nine-speed auto'

Love my blue efficiency six speeder ... but why is first so short.... can't imagine 9 being needed. Why not just add an overdrive switch to the top of the stick? Hope its a bit better built than my C250 injectors too (7 months, third set, argh....)

a51fff 24 July 2010

Re: Merc plans nine-speed auto'

my seven speed 'box is always in a too high a gear, is slow to react to a change down. basicaly its lazy. i'd hate to drive a 9 speed by mercedes if the 7 speeder is anything to go by. whereas the bmw 6 spd auto i hardly ever caught out in the wrong gear. maybe its just a 'softwae' issue but after 2 updates i find the merc box lazy,try changing from reverse to drive, takes forever!! mercedes say its about efficiency,staying in lower revs helping reduce fuel consumption. then why not just have 1.5 litre engine in a e class with the 9 speeder and let it rev aswell!!