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3 and 6 models will have sub-100g/km models by 2015

Mazda has announced a 'green revolution' that will result in all of its 3 and 6 models emitting below 120g/km of CO2 by 2015, and the cleanest falling below 100g/km.

If it achieves this goal, the Mazda 6 will be the first family car to have sub-100g/km CO2 emissions.

This equates to an average 30 per cent improvement in emissions and fuel consumption, which will be achieved using Mazda's new Skytech engine technology and lighter construction techniques.

This technology includes improved aerodynamics, retuned powertrains and the gradual introduction of technology such as i-stop, Mazda's equivalent of stop-start.

Mazda promises each new model it introduces will be at least 100kg lighter than the car it replaces.

The third strand of Mazda’s ‘green’ revolution features the introduction of a new six-speed automatic transmission that will deliver a further five percent fuel economy improvement

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kowalski99 27 March 2010

Re: Mazda's 'green revolution'

beachland2 wrote:
i hate mazda.

Thats who i meant Zoom Zoom to!

kowalski99 27 March 2010

Re: Mazda's 'green revolution'

Zoom Zoom to you too!

Rover P6 3500S 26 March 2010

Re: Mazda's 'green revolution'

Widescreen wrote:

This shows BMW up, people rave about BMW engineering etc and here you have Mazda smashing them and totally.

BMW will have to make the 1 and 3 series front wheel drive to compete, this new car they referenced is only the start.

But it goes to show just how quickly BMW tech is not just beaten but well beaten; the ultimate driving machine?....truth is, they have not been that for ages (years).

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Much like your recent comments on the new Nissan Micra. Fact is, BMW's cars are more economical than any of their competitors, they're faster and they're much better to drive. A FWD BMW would be like a big fat Porsche saloon... oh, wait... fact is, though, 1-series is staying RWD for the foreseeable future and making the 3-series anything other than RWD would be commercial suicide. Just because idiots like you can't see past the bottom line doesn't mean that the millions of people who buy BMWs for their handling characteristics can't. Oversteer is wonderful, understeer sucks.