Currently reading: Max Mosley calls for better young driver training
Ex-F1 boss leads calls for better training before and after the driving test, plus greater use of in-car telematics

Former head of Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, Max Mosley has called for a radical overhaul of techniques for young driver training around the world.

His comments come in the build up to the UK government’s green paper on young drivers, which was due to be revealed this week, but has now been postponed until at least the autumn. Proposals include introducing a minimum learning period before candidates are permitted to sit their test, and enforcing motorway and night-time driver training. In addition, new drivers may get an extended probationary period under which they will lose their license if they accrue six penalty points.

Speaking in his capacity as global head of NCAP at an event organised by black box insurance company Ingenie, Mosley said: “There appears to be a reluctance among authorities to adopt the latest technologies and techniques, a reluctance to move forward. We have proven through NCAP that if you adopt technology it can have an amazing effect. When we set up NCAP there was tremendous reluctance from manufacturers, but pushed it through.”

Among the proposals backed by Mosley were calls for a set minimum amount of driver training prior to a driver being granted a licence, the adoption of on-board vehicle loggers to help educate new drivers and improve their standards, with the knock-on effect of lower premiums, and a continuing process of driver training post test.


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Peter Cavellini 25 June 2013

But! but........?

Can Max turn Water into Wine?, because,what he says would be true, if the funding was there!,minimum amount of lessons before a test...?thought that was always the way?,and cost, at £24 an hour, how many lessons before test?.......10? 15?, then there's the theory before it,and on test day there's more cash to hand out.

josen100x 24 June 2013

You beat me to it!

I was going to make some similar remarks, but the guy's above seem to have 'beaten' me to it.  I deserve a spanking now.

rpf72 24 June 2013

Sounds like he's cracking the

Sounds like he's cracking the whip. Sorry couldn't resist Smile