A display of Bugatti Veyrons worth £10m has arrived at Jack Barclay Bugatti in Westminster

The largest-ever display of Bugatti Veyrons is on display at Jack Barclay Bugatti in London's Berkeley Square.

Worth an estimated £10m and producing more than 5000bhp collectively, the six Veyrons include the coupé and drop-top versions of the world's fastest street-legal cars, plus two Grand Sport and two Vitesse models.

The world record cars include the drop-top Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse that set the world record of 253.42mph earlier this year with Chinese driver Anthony Liu at the wheel. The coupé, which travelled at 267.82mph with ex-F1 driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel, is also on show.

The Veyron coupé ended production last year, with all 300 examples sold or spoken for. The company will build 150 open-topped cars, with around 70 still to be built for customers over the next two years.

Neither record-breaking car will be sold.

The display will run from June 10-15.

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Bugatti Veyron
The world doesn't need a car like the Bugatti Veyron, but the fact it exists at all is reason for celebration

The Bugatti Veyron redefines what's possible in a road car, but does it justify its eye-watering price?

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10 June 2013

There are a few super car delears in this part of london and if you want to see some really exclusive examples of them Jack Barclay is a good start. 

Although annoyingly when I visited not one veyron in site.

10 June 2013

The blue Grand Sport is the nicest colour scheme I've seen on a Veyron.

10 June 2013

I can't be the only one that found the "10 MILLION POUNDS WORTH" hilarious when coupled with the number of cars on show... 6... S...I...X.

For most that would be a glorious site, even Ferrari you could fill Wembley stadium with £10 million pounds worth.

Still not faster than a remapped 335d, oh sorry wrong site!

Enough of the wit, impressive machines. Although still struggle to pull at my heart strings, although sound incredible in real life. Something akin to the gates of hell being opened.

10 June 2013

First of all, I think the spoilers could be bigger!

And I don't really think the Veyron is the fastest or the best car in the world! There are some other cars like Pagani to look even better and to be quite fast!


William - CARiD

10 June 2013

why oh why autocar did not show the full car but only a mere glimpse of that polished aluminium wing and carbon fiber finish Veyron?

10 June 2013

The world's fastest sreet legal production car is the Koenigsegg Agera R 273mph top speed and 0-200mph in 17.68 secs which is 4 seconds faster than the fat beetle.

10 June 2013

I've seen one  Veyron , I have no desire to see another. Not a car one would choose for its' looks. Reminded me of something that crawls along the ground, leaving a silvery trail...

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