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New Range Rover model will be launched to sit between LRX & flagship model; China plant to be built
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28 May 2010

Jaguar Land Rover’s new boss, Carl-Peter Forster, has emerged from 100 days of silence to reveal plans for a major product shake-up.

The radical vision includes greater separation for the Land Rover and Range Rover brands, the launch of an all-new, mid-size Range Rover between LRX and Range Rover Sport, a potential for the Tata Group to manufacture ‘own-brand’ diesel and petrol engines to be shared with JLR, and the opening of a plant in China to assemble around 20,000 Freelander-based models per year by 2014.

Forster, the ex-GM Europe chief who became Tata Motors group CEO in February, was accompanied by Dr Ralph Speth, the ex-Ford executive who joined JLR as CEO (and Forster’s right-hand-man) at the same time.

Speaking a day after Tata Group announced a 40 per cent profit jump that included a modest return to profitability for Jaguar and Land Rover, the pair said their future strategy was “step-by-step expansion, not at the expense of profits, that will add new models, new engines and new derivatives to our three ranges, Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover”.

Reports that newly profitable JLR has shelved plans to close one of its three UK manufacturing plans are incorrect, Forster said. Under present plans either Solihull or Castle Bromwich will close around the middle of this decade — but no further decision about which would be saved is likely to come before the end of a product review. Forster praised “the entrepreneurial spirit” of his Tata-led group, which he said is creating a new culture at Gaydon.

He confirmed that Jaguar was investigating the business case for a small Jaguar saloon, and was proceeding quickly with the new, sub-XK Jaguar roadster, a plan dear to the heart of group chairman Ratan Tata.

“We are looking at clay models now,” said Forster, “and we are all pretty keen on what we see.”

Steve Cropley

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28 May 2010

All makes perfect sense to me . Landies can be proper Landies Rangies go high end and Jag offer a smaller sprots car . Oh and China is the fastest growing car market in the world .

It can only get better from here I think .

28 May 2010

Interesting that Land Rover will assemble 20,000 'Freelander' based models in China. Wonder if that translates as LRX and Freelander. Or lower end Freelander for the developing world.

I wonder who they will 'buddy' up with in China, if it was SAIC I wonder if they might end up agreeing some kind of Rover licensing deal?

Midsized Range Rover also very exciting....

28 May 2010

All sounds like common sense, although no indication of what the plans are for the Discovery.

And how long before the usual suspects on here pile in with negative comments...

28 May 2010

"...launch of an all-new, mid-size Range Rover between LRX and Range Rover Sport..."

Oh dear, not again! LR needs to diversify, not play the same. They should have been the makers of the Yeti. I just don't think they actually get it at all - they could be far more successful than they are.

28 May 2010

[quote sw4man]And how long before the usual suspects on here pile in with negative comments...[/quote] Well it took 40 mins a negative

28 May 2010

No stevie, you're obviously not so super after all. It isn't a negativity - I actually want JLR to be really successful. However, I believe the management couldn't run a bath. I love J and LR, and want it to be a success.

28 May 2010

What's the picture heading up this article - is it Autocar's idea of what a facelifted XJ might look like or an actual car? Colour certainly doesn't look like anything on the palette at the moment.

28 May 2010

[quote superstevie][quote sw4man]And how long before the usual suspects on here pile in with negative comments...[/quote] Well it took 40 mins a negative[/quote]

Golfman's comment wasn't that negative. More "not bad, could do better". Wait till Nasty NickScheele kicks off THEN you'll see proper negativity.

28 May 2010

Where is Nick? He couldn't even find anything negative to say about the JLR profit story.

By the way, the XJ's arrived - fabulous car!

28 May 2010

The best news articles I've read for a long time from AC, both this, the future plans for JLR and previous article about Alfa Romeo. The ideal (dream) JLR range for me would be the following, obviously financial situation allowing;

Jag - small rwd saloon/hatch/tourer and maybe coupe 2dr (or 4dr if it doesn't clash with the saloon) and drophead bodies, including R and electric hybrid with their petrol/diesel versions for all bodystyles. Same for XF Saloon/Tourer/Coupe/Drophead with a front end facelift which is the only slight negative on the current car. XJ saloon standard and lwb as current, add coupe and drophead. How about a super XJ later on to fill between current top end XJ Supersort and Rolls Ghost/Bentley Mulsanne models, competition for the Bentley Continental and Aston Rapide £100k-150K price range?

Also sports cars to challenge Boxter/Z4, ie a 'proper' E type of modern era, with drop dead gorgeous design and powerful engines, different versions of XK replacement to target cars from Merc E/CL Class coupes to SL/ Audi R8s sports cars.

LR - Freelander/Defender/Disco ideal for emerging markets such as South Asia and South Americas as well as current markets Europe/North America/Northern Asia but also maybe a sub Freelander 3dr /poss 5dr model to target the MINI Countryman/Juke/Qashqai competitors, with a design aimed at the younger market who may not be able to afford the new LRX which has now been moved into the premium sector. A car to replace the slot where the previous generation RAV4 left and the Suzuki Vitara is decent looking small 4x4. Even though LR isn't as premium as the RR badge its still carries enough cache to be aimed at this younger audience. Like a Seat Leon FR equivalent compared with the Golf GTI/Audi S3.

RR - LRX, LRX+ (as mentioned in article to fill between LRX and RR Sport, the 5 door version which has been mooted in previous AC articles?), a new RR Sport with a design more in common the Range Stormer concept which would have handling and performance to match the looks and challenge the Cayenne/X5/X6 . New RR at the top maybe slightly larger and ultra luxurious.

Shame about the closing of one of the midlands sites but the reality is to survive, which means reducing production costs and increase profits, some cars will have to be made in emerging countries such as China /India possibly S.America. The article about making cars in China could possibly be joint venture with one of their manufacturers? VW, BMW and Merc has plants outside of Germany, even Alfa may make some of theirs future cars in US, so why can't JLR?

Whatever happens I feel an exciting next few years for JLR and an owner who is passionate about his car company and wants them to develop and bring out new models quicker. The restraining handcuffs of previous owner Ford are finally off.


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