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Jag pursuit vehicle gets 3.0-litre diesel

The first-ever police-spec Jaguar XF is being evaluated by forces across the country.

The car is based on the XF diesel S model, retaining the standard 271bhp 3.0-litre engine but gaining a roof-mounted light bar, flashing LED lights in the front, sides and rear.

It is also fitted with a Home Office-specification ‘police pack’ to power a full suite of emergency lights, radio and other electronic equipment.

Geoff Cousins, UK managing director for Jaguar Cars, said: "Police forces are looking for vehicles that represent value for money, have good environmental credentials and deliver the power and performance required of a pursuit vehicle."

"The police officers driving pursuit vehicles demand a very high level of performance and handling, as well as safety and comfort."

The XF 3.0-litre diesel range starts from £33,900, while the 3.0-litre Diesel S starts at £36,900.

Sam Burnett

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