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Tyres will monitor themselves, road conditions and 'talk' with a vehicle's electronic sy

Intelligent tyres capable of monitoring themselves, road conditions and 'talking' with a vehicle's electronic systems will be available within three years, according to reports.

Schrader Electronics, which makes sensors for the automotive industry, says it is developing sensor that can be mounted within a tyre rather than on the valve or wheel rim.

The sensor would then trasmit the data to the car's ECU, and adjust ABS, ESP and other electronic systems accordingly.

Information the sensor can gather includes the tyre's tread depth, pressure and temperature, the shape of its footprint and the amount of load it is under. It will also be able to gather data on the road conditions, such as the amount of grip available, to optimise control of the vehicle's dynamics.

Schrader has teamed up with Pirelli to develop this technology, and the initial results of their work will go on sale later this year.

The 'Cyber Tyre Lean' measures pressure, temperature, average load and then feeds this information to the vehicle's electronic systems.

The fully intelligent tyre, to be called the 'Cyber Tyre', is expected to go on sale during 2013.

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Mr_H 1 May 2010

Re: 'Intelligent tyres' by 2013

What's the point in having intelligent tyres, if they're still going to be sold and fitted by morons?

IainStirling 30 April 2010

Re: 'Intelligent tyres' by 2013

It's going to have to be a very robust sensor given the amount of vibration and shocks it's going to be put through.

weenedonpetrol 30 April 2010

Re: 'Intelligent tyres' by 2013

Uncle Mellow wrote:

I don't want intelligent tyres , thick ones will do nicely thank you.

...............................and longer lasting!